cream caramel auto

  1. Only1Sky

    Nutrients Harvest Gold Silica trial test: Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel in a 2-Liter Soda Bottle

    Yipee. Shipment arrived yesterday. Today I prepped a 2-Liter soda bottle to receive the goods.
  2. Sleeveofauto

    New Grower Sleeve's First Grow

    First off, greetings to everyone on the AFN! I have been on here for the past month or so, gathering notes, comparing and getting all of my rigging together to try this auto grow "hobby" and see how it pans out. With that being said, I invested only so much to start out, work out any problems...
  3. shumway

    Indoor Cream caramel and Himalayan orange diesel

    Been close to a year since my last plants and i finally ran out of smoke so here we grow again lol Didn't really have too much to choose from in my seed stash but i found one himalayan orange diesel seed left over from a short stuff test grow and then won a couple packs of goodies from the...
  4. Yozhik

    Sweet Seeds Yozhik's Grow #2

    Getting ready for Grow #2. The Sweet Seeds are soaking, and I'm running around like the Mad Hatter trying to get Campus ready for the new intake of students. Currently in the water are; 4 x Cream Mandarine XL AUTO 4 x Sweet Trainwreck AUTO 4 x Green Poison AUTO 3 x Cream Mandarine AUTO 1 x...