1. Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion

    Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion

    So here we are in week 2,564 and counting. Actually week ten and change. No trichs. No odor. This bitch is drinking up close to 2.5 gallons of full strength jacks a day and still wakes up thirsty!!! Idk what the bud is gonna. E like as it has mad haze looks to it. Mad leaves that would usually...
  2. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion Mimosa Punch & Trichomes & Cream 2022 Dutch Passion Autoflower Grow & Show 2022 - Auto Mimosa Punch + Auto Trichomes & Cream

    Hi fellow growers, smokers, stoners and weed lovers! :ladies: We have set up a new Grow & Show with some of our newest autoflower genetics, you've probably seen it in the title already these are the two cultivars ; Auto Mimosa Punch and Auto Trichomes & Cream Although it was a bit more...
  3. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion Seed Company ongoing Promo's

    Hi guys, gals, Most of you will probably not be looking at our website every day/week, nor will most of you be subscribed to our newsletter, which is totally fine ofc. But this way it is evident you are missing out on some of the promo's that we run on the website. That's why we want to share...
  4. K

    Urgent!! - Rotten Buds - Harvest - cut/keep

    Hey there, I was starting the harvest on one of my 3 dp autos today and had to realise i got bud rot :(( While certain areas where clearly covered in mold other buds don't really seem affected yet. I'm really uncertain though. The one's I'm 99% sure arent affected where put in a drying room...
  5. sour.b

    Lighting Sour.b's continuous Autogrow under Telos-0008

    GrowNorthern sent the Telos-0008 last week, and she was fired up in my tent over the weekend. I will start by a big thanks to them for this opportunity to test the light here on AFN. A few other growers will be joining very soon in the GN subforum. The Telos-0008 (240W) will replace 2 xGN...
  6. F.N.

    Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise grow journal

    I have four A.B.S going . They are in 3 gallon airpots with soil less mix. They will be fed @REMO nutrients. Here is some pictures at day 11
  7. Hues

    Dutch Passion Just StarRyder

    whats up everyone, started the third grow as my current think different journey is getting close to the end.. i’ll be running StarRyder this time and i hope that i can learn a lot from it. the setup is as follows: Space: 2x2x5 DR60 Light: Mars Hydro Reflector 48(5), lots of cfl & 135w no-name...
  8. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Dutch Passion AutoFlower Pictures

    First i would like thank Bailer & Mossy for helping me rescue these pics that were thought to be lost on the switch over from the old server. There are almost a thousand images of Dutch Passion Autoflowers in all stages of development, i'll post my personal favourites. So thanks AFN and all who...
  9. DubV

    Indoor DubV's Dutch Passion Adventures

    Well its time to get the motor running and head out on another adventure my friends :dance2: So those not familiar with my setup Growlab 145, phresh carbon filter, vortex fan, 2 magnum plus leds, humidifiers, dehumidifier, and an assortment of floor fans. AN ph perfect line with additives and...