1. midIN

    New Grower San Tri Bajo auto fem

    I have a San Tri Bajo auto fem from Barney's farm that I have start it's currently starting to pop out of it's rapid rooter. Almost 1-1/2" tall from seed to now 3 days. I uses the Ronin germ method/paper towel. I used the wifi router as a heat pad. Which I will do for now on it's amazing...
  2. midIN

    New Grower first Royal Queen Quick One auto fem

    Here's a link to my journal. Thanks for checking it out if you. Will keep it updated as she shows me what she's been up to. https://www.autoflower.org/threads/quick-one-auto-royal-queen-seeds.64425/#post-1725274 Also I will be starting a journal entry for my San Tri Bajo. Right now actually.
  3. midIN

    Indoor quick one auto, Royal Queen seeds

    I have successfully germinated a quick one auto from Royal Queen. It's currently starting about to pop up out of the rapid rooters. It's in a 5 gal fabric air pot. Soil mix is my own super soil. All 1/8 of ingredients. I mix approximately 38-40 gals at a time. Use for indoors and outdoor for...
  4. Foxhunter

    New Grower Suggestions is everything looking ok

    The two big ones are Hindu Kush 23 days old and the smaller ones are sour crack 16 days old,, first time here just looking for experienced people's opinions thanks keep token
  5. Foxhunter

    New Grower Watering

    Do you let the soil dry out between watering for autos?? And when you do water, do you water enough to get run off?? Thanks keep token
  6. Jackson

    Live Stoners New Grow - Day 25

    Hello Folks Wanted to show off pics of the ladies as they are all in pre flower. No deficiency at all. May start giving cal/mag or molasses or both next watering. That depends on your feedback. Now it's time to go purchase carbon filter and figure out hell to hell to set it up! Left to right...
  7. G

    Current Live Stoners Gossip June/July/August 2017

    Love night fishing for channel cats...good times!!
  8. Jackson

    Live Stoners Sour Crack and Chemdogging- Day 15

    Good Morning All Please see the attached pics of my girls and let me know what you think. Soil- roots organic mixed with GBD soil in bottom half. Pots-5 gallon Lights- solar flare 220 Water- distilled They both appear to be doing well. Sour Crack is the smaller of the 2. Not sure why...
  9. Rebel

    Live Stoners [ARCHIVE] Old Live Stoners Gossip (up to Feb 2017)

    Oh yeah!! It is indeed!! I got the 151 already!!
  10. Mossy

    Live Stoners Live Stoner Gossip

    TaNg has suggested we have a Live Chat area since the Chatbox disappeared...:coffee2:..so this is an Trial to see if members would use it.