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  1. F

    32 Days Jack Herer Auto Any Advices?

    Hi everyone, Its been 32 days into my first grow ever and I was wondering if everything is going as expected. Any advice is really appreciated. 80x80x160 Grow Tent Soil: Plagron Light Mix Light: LM301H Samsung Quantum Board 240Watt Humidity: Around 40% since 2 days around 60% before that...
  2. K

    Dwarf plants

    Hi, this is my first time growing any kind of weed, I built my own grow room from plywood. It is very primitive looking, I know, and is way too big because I didn't know exactly how tall they would grow. I used bagged soil mixed with homemade compost from worm castings and perlite. My soil was...
  3. Carecrab

    Exhaust fan outside grow tent

    Hey again ya'll and thanks for answering my previous post! I was about to start my first time tent grow but before I started I wanted to test my carbon filter. To my surprise the filter was fucked because you can smell anything that I put inside the tent. So I got a new filter from the store...
  4. reworgotuA

    New Grower First ever grow/journal! Mephisto, Dinafem, and Seedsman.

    Hey there everyone, this is my first time growing at all, I've helped a friend through a season but nothing on my own. I was planning a small personal grow a while back but it never went through, but after quite a few months of reading up i decided that that autoflower cannabis would be best for...
  5. NoRobo

    Mephisto Genetics NoRobo has caught a ManBearAlienPig!?

    You read it correctly. There is a ManBearAlienPig in my cabinet trying to claw it's way out and into some soil! I will be germinating one of these tomorrow when I wake up for work. Which will be about noon PST. She will get the usual treatment of Super soil and Oregons only number 8. I will...
  6. NugNoob

    New Grower NugNoob's - First Grow Adventure! AK-47's

    Hello one and all! Let me first say a BIG thank you to all who have helped me up to this point, It's made things a lot easier starting up on my first adventure. Seriously thank you, you know who you are and you've probably been tagged into this post anyway. Now strap in, cause this is a big...
  7. FirstTimeG-row

    Live Stoners 12 week old royal dwarf slow flower need advice!!!

    hi guys i need an experienced growers knowledge as this is my first grow and arnt sure what to do from here on out. my plant is aproximatly 80-90 cm (havnt messured in a while) it is starting to flower as i can see are growing slowly . using a 10ltr pot but could be root bound arnt sure as roots...
  8. T

    Live Stoners Hello all. Newbie in the UK looking to do his first grow.

    Hi everyone. I have been trawling the interwebz and cannabis forums looking to set up my first grow. I'm certain, for the time being at least, I want to be growing autos (I have my eyes on "Cheese Candy Auto" by delicious seeds. Has anyone had any experience with this seed?) My current plans...
  9. MissUniverse

    New Grower Growing while in extreme pain - My Journey so far

    Hello all, If you don't know me please check out my intro thread here: https://www.autoflower.org/threads/intro-thread-first-time-grower.49685/ [EDIT] @pop22 is taking me under their wing and has agreed to help me out and i appreciate being coached by pop22. Hopefully sometime I can pass along...