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  1. I

    Skinny leaves at bud sights on one plant.

    First time poster, long time lurker..... This is my first year growing so bear with me. I have a tent with some autos (and a couple clones) that are doing great except for one plant. They are in week 3ish of flower and this is my first round of autos that are actually working out yay. As of...
  2. G

    GSC WK5

    Hey guys, my plant is raising some concerns for me. I’m hoping it’s not a nutrient deficiency and it won’t spread to others. Is this normal in a plant?
  3. Day 36 update

    Day 36 update

    The floweing has begun! Sorry for the mess as soon as I am done writing I am heading down to the cellar and finish setting up my temporary grow area. It is much easier to control the heat that the TSW2000 generates.
  4. Frogster

    Auto Seeds 2019 Final Leg - Girl Scout Cookies - Frogster Grow

    This will be my Official Grow Journal for the "Final Leg - 2019" Autoseeds Battle. Thanks for supplying the seeds for this grow. One of my all time favorites, but I have never grown the "AutoSeeds" variety before. Seeds arrived today. Waiting for the "Pre Germ" Date before...
  5. Frogster

    Indoor Smoke Report - Zamnesia - Girl Scout Cookies

    Seed Bank:- Zamnesia (Website Link) Strain Name:- Girl Scout Cookies Plant selected for review :- Plant Number 1 & 2 Cut Date:- 14th April 2019 Autoflower ? :- Yes Description:- 2 Plants grown in Autopot, with Airdomes, shared Cob lights in an indoor tent, (6 mixed plants in total)...
  6. Sweet Seeds Jay

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Gelato Auto® [New 2019]

    Sweet Gelato Auto® 5th generation autoflowering strain. Autoflowering version of one of the most powerful and famous American lines, coming from the San Francisco Bay (California): Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”) is one of the most appreciated exponents of the Cookies...
  7. Frogster

    Indoor Zamnesia - Girl Scout Cookies - Frogster Grow - 2019 Grow Battle

    This will be my Journal for the "Zamnesia" Girl Scout Cookies - Frogster Grow. A big thank you to Zamnesia for providing the test seed This is one of four plants I will be growing in the 2019 Round-1 Grow Battles. To be included in the following Grow Battles:- Zamnesia Grower of the Year The...
  8. MissUniverse

    Auto Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Vape Report

    SeedBank : Auto seeds Strain: Girl scout cookies Did it autoflower?: yes Soil/hydro: Roots organic Nutes: Gh maxi duo, xtreme gardening mykos, mykos wp, azos, bonicare calmag, epsom salts Light (kind and schedule): Mars hydro 600 led Mars hydro 300 led From seed to harvest date...
  9. M

    New Grower RDWC LED Scrog GSC

    second grow 4x4 tent, two qb 260s, 4gal buckets. Will be trying two 4” air stones per bucket along with 50LPH per bucket as well. Will probably add C02 later on in veg if I can get my AC setup. Using AN Ph perfect 3 part line. GG#4 from fastbuds. Soaked for 24hrs on the 25th then dropped in...
  10. MissUniverse

    Auto Seeds Girl Scout Cookies, Sucker Punch, Diesel Berry and more

    Here's the run down of the set up Light: 1x Mars Hydro 600 1xMars Hydro 300 Grow Space: 48*24*60inch tent Soil: Roots Organic Container: Air pot 3 gal Seeds: girl scout cookies and sucker punch Nutrients: General Hydroponics Maxitwo step ( MaxiGro MaxiBloom) and potentially...
  11. Sir Chiefs a Lot1

    New Grower Chief's 2nd grow in 5 years! Fast Buds GSC under 1 Auto cob

    So as the title says, this is my 2nd grow in 5 years. My last one was partly successful as I harvested 1 of 2 plants. This time I am only growing 1 plant, but his time I have a wayyyy better light, grow medium, and I will be using nutrients this time around. Also bought a new tent today...
  12. eightleddeddj

    New Grower My First Autos - Girl Scout Cookies, LSD 25 and Jedi Kush

    Just finished my first photo period grow and I’d never even heard of autoflowering before then so thought I would try my hand at autos to get as many varieties as quickly as possible. I chose the seeds as they all are very good for back pain and other obvious reasons GSC and LSD 25 are...
  13. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Fast Buds Extremely light green budsites. Normal? DWC Fast buds GSC and Gorilla Glue

    I am currently growing my first autos, fast buds GSC and gorilla glue. I think the GSC is ruderalis dominant due to the structure of the plant. The cookie just finished its stretch and is starting to put on weight. My question is, are the budsites supposed to be this light? It's only on GSC not...
  14. Scirzo

    Live Stoners Pictures of pride, an introduction of a noob

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself and show my first grow at the same time. I'm so proud of how it went so far! I'm almost at harvest time, but I'll post updates in this thread and will post the growth up until now. I realized I shouldn't post a grow journal in this section. It can...
  15. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor Mañ'O'Green's New grow room.

    Ok so I am building a new grow space. The area is dictated by the space in the spare room that is not used for exercise equipment, bookcases, and shelving for pantry items. My wife and I have lots of stuff and we use it regularly so it has to stay. I spent a lot of time in Visio trying different...
  16. Regal Buds

    Indoor Fast buds GSC X 2X2.5 tent setup X Viparspectra 450 X 160W COB

    Hello AFN. This is my first thread. My name is Regal and I would like to document this grow as well as show y'all my compact stealth-ish setup. This is my 3rd grow and first time growing in 100% coco. Thanks to many threads and hours, I mean days, of research on here and other sites my first 2...
  17. |jack|

    Fast Buds How long till harvest? GSC auto day 103

    got this Girl Scout cookies auto that's been going for about 14 weeks now Planted outside in the UK on April 24th in a 16l smart pot filled with compost About 30% of pistils are orange,upper buds are covered in trichs and feel pretty firm I was thinking of harvesting in the next 5 days and...
  18. Marty5678

    Indoor Marty's perpetual grow, 2 x cxb3590 72v secret Jardin dr60

    Hey everybody. Got a bit of a perpetual grow going on so anybody who wants to join is welcome ;) all advice will be greatly appreciated. Currently growing Fast buds - Girl Scout cookies - day 63 (I think) Dutch passion - AutoMazar - day 43 Dinafem - white widow XXL - day 43 Cream of the crop...
  19. The Vault

    WIN an exclusive Vault T Shirt and some truly AWESOME genetics!

    Something for everyone in this awesome line up: 1. A pack of 6 Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Seeds from Cali Connection (These award winners are like gold dust at the moment, hard to get anywhere but I have been saving a pack for a special occasion. All the connoisseurs and aficionado’s will...
  20. The Elvis

    Fast Buds Fastbuds Girl scout cookies!!

    Humm.. what to say about the cookies!! The GSC are a fantastic autoflower thats grows very easy and, and has a strong vigor and has the perfect height. the smell is of Cinnamon, sandle wood and cookie dough.. No mint taste! The taste is all cookie with no menthol taste. Its just a star burst of...