1. The Bedroom Gardener UK

    Extraction Hash. Tips, pics and whatever.

    I wanted to put together a thread about the making of, and consuming of hash, with pics (if anyone else would like to share their efforts, please do.) I'll put up the tips and tricks I've found, usually the hard way, and any easier methods than those commonly out there. The thread is based...
  2. Wr4th

    Extraction CBD Shark, 3 Bears OG, and Walker Kush Bubble Hash

    Combined wet / freeze dried trim from 3 plants. Cold water extraction, drying, master ball, and cured!
  3. McDee

    Extraction Hash rosin

    Hey gang, I just did my 1st hash run and would like to turn it into rosin. I have a few question for anyone who has done this. I have 25 micron bags but do i need them for the 73 micron hash? Should I press each separate or together? I'm on a journey to make live rosin. Would like to have a...
  4. The Bedroom Gardener UK

    DIY DIY Hash Maker.

    I made a Hash Maker a while ago, and thought I would share. It's very simple to make, really cheap & effective. Basically you need: * 1 Cardboard box. I used a decently constructed small box from a removal company. As you will be placing pressure on different parts of the box, then the...
  5. sonlyajoke

    Extraction Big problem!

    Well not realy, but I've too much bud hanging around the house, jars of it, some in the loft the kitchen an in the shed. If the "5o" call I'd be off line for quiet some time me thinks :naughtystep: So I'm lookin to convert it into something a bit more storable an smaller! I've been checking out...
  6. Dabpress

    Extraction Seeking only one reviewer of AFN member to test our dp-rp37

    Hello I am seeking only one reviewer at autoflower.net, You share our 60% money off to get the anodized rosin caged cube kit dp-rp37. After you testing, would you please share your comments on YouTube and here? Please read dp-rp37 review here, Thank you for your reading.
  7. Bubble Bowls

    Live Stoners Hello Autoflower Network!

    I'm glad to be here on the AFN! I make Bubble Bowls, a faster, easier and cleaner alternative to bags. I'll be posting links to videos and hopefully be able to deliver useful content for you. I also look forward to learning from all the great info posted here. About Bubble Bowls: The Bubble...
  8. 509Blazer

    Extraction Drying Bubble Hash

    Ok guys, I went ahead and made some bubble hash and got more than I thought I would. I pressed the hash and then feather cut the piles into tiny pieces which dried overnight. The next day I pressed the hash into sugar cube sized chunks, six of them to be exact. I have been doing some reading...
  9. 509Blazer

    Extraction Bubble Bags and Condition of Trim (dry vs fresh)

    I have some trim from 4 months ago that is pretty much bone dry. Can I still use bubble bags to extract the hash or is this a technique best reserved for fresh? What is the best technique for dry trim, the dry ice method or ice cubes and water?
  10. pop22

    Photoperiod Documentary: A glimpse of Life in the Rif Mountains

    I was curious about the story behind the seeds I was gifted, that came from Morocco. I searched Youtube and found a few. I felt this one gave a very interesting look at a slice of life thats VERY different from ours. Its a little long but well worth watching to the end. No naration.
  11. Dr. Babnik

    Photoperiod Doc Is Growing Rif Mountain Weed - The Real Stuff

    Rif Mountain Weed - The Big Hash Project This is exciting! Native Rif Mountain Seeds, a generous and kind gift from @tobe! 2/3 seeds germinated after 48 hrs in wet paper towel. Prior to incubation in paper, the seeds was soaked overnight. They are now placed in Plagron Lightmix.
  12. nudger361976

    Extraction Hash - extracted with ISO, then cleaned with water.

    Heres some hash I just made, using trim from the following strains - Peyote Purple, A V T, Exodus Kush and probably a few others, bubbles under the flame :pass::pass: Gives you evil red eyes though! very heavy
  13. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Review of MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

    MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer - A Review First impression: MIGO 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer is made of stainless steel. It seems durable and of good quality. Well built, elegant and practical design. The dry herb coil is a spiral surrounded of a ceramic insulator. The wax coil is...
  14. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Getting a vaporizer

    Tomorrow I can pick up mu Migo 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer. That will be interesting. Should I consider "commersial" hash dry or wet? My herbs is not ready yet.
  15. Grim Reefer

    Extraction Show Off That Dry Ice Hash/Keif

    Lets use this thread as place we can all share pictures of our final dry ice extraction products. Feel free to post pictures of the keif unpressed in powder form or pressed as blocks of hash. Also dont be afraid to share you method to the process, detail any tips and secrets if you do something...
  16. xeno

    Extraction DIY pollinator machine, and results.

    So first of all i should state that this machine is not my idea. And i copyed it from the originator. Website for the proper machines is pollinator.nl All respect goes to Mila Jansen for inspiring me to make my own device. I highly recommended you guys to check the site out. Ok so I got...
  17. C

    Extraction A simple guide to making Hash

    Hey AFN! :smokeout: I spent most of today extracting kief and making some Sweet Cheese / Blueberry Hash. I used trim and bottom buds from my latest Sweet Cheese Auto grow and some DP AutoBlueberry I had left in the freezer.. I originaly only intended to post this in my grow journal bur saw...
  18. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Genetics Hash and Concentrates

    Welcome fellow AFN members:pass: I wanted to create a place where we can showcase some of your Mephisto hash and other forms of concentrates. Please feel free to add your creations. Here are some of the dry ice hash and rosin that I made with some of Mephisto's fine genetics. White Triangle...