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  1. Cultiuana

    Old Reviews Who Needs 2x2 Footprint LED Grow Light? USD72.00 + 10% OFF

    The best small led grow light for 2x2 footprint grow space! Use code CTU10 to get 10% off your first purchase! https://cultiuana.com/.../ct-100-small-led-grow-light-2x2ft
  2. Northern Lights Autoflower, First ever grow

    Northern Lights Autoflower, First ever grow

    This grow is held indoors under a Phlizon 1500W LED Light. There are 4x 5 Gallon Fabric Pots filled with a Light Soil Mix from my local grow shop. The seeds are from SensiSeeds Amsterdam. We planted the seeds on the 27/11/2021 directly into the soil an watered about 100ml. The temperature for...
  3. youlumi

    Youlumi LED Grow Lights product update and new product release

    Price adjustment: Because of saving transportation costs, the overall price is adjusted downwards Lamp source replacement: the lamp source adopts Samsung + Osram New product release: release Octopus LED Grow Light 730W and 800W see more:https://www.youlumistore.com/collections/led-grow-lights/
  4. youlumi


    When you plant some plants on the balcony or some places where there is no sunlight, you will find that it cannot grow well. At this time, you may need a YouLumi LED Grow Light to give your plants enough sunlight.
  5. Marshydro


    What's up everyone? Haven't seen you for some time! Today we are making our FIFTH Mars Hydro Cup Notice here! This time, our TOPIC is to find the best Mars Hydro reviewers. So as long as you have one Mars Hydro products, you can take part in, no matter it is a Mars Light, Mars tent, Mars...
  6. Black Sail

    Lighting LED BUYER WORKSHEET! LED HYPE ENDS HERE! Now EVERYONE can compare any LED fixture in 5 minutes flat!

    Good morning AFN, I have a present for you:smoking: The LED Buyer's Worksheet is a single-page, 5 question, fill-in-the-blank worksheet that gives you the power to make an informed decision when you buy an LED growlight. No prior knowledge required! Even a first-day LED newcomer can use this...
  7. Marshydro


    Many suppliers sell 1000w led grow lights recently. It shows many growers are asking for 1000W led. But when you buy 1000W led, did you consider if your plants really need the leds with that high power? Is it real 1000w LED from the wall? If not, how can we judge how many watt lights is suitable...
  8. B

    New Grower Stunted autos?

    On my very first grow, have one amnesia haze auto one northern lights auto from royal seed Bank. I made the mistake of thinking I could transplant on my first ever auto grow, and they got shocked pretty bad about 2 weeks in. Now it's exactly 4 weeks since seeds sprouting and I'm afraid they're...
  9. Black Sail

    Lighting Black Sail Black Friday Sale!!!

    Get yourself a Cannon for only $299 each! That's 240 Watts, at 2.0umol/J, with an operating heatsink temperature of ~120F, for only $1.25 per watt! Offer available until 1159pm on Sunday at BlackSailMarket.com :smoking:
  10. Black Sail

    Lighting How to calculate BTU's, Watts do not automatically = heat!!!

    There are a lot of myths and rumors flying around about LED's, and I consider it a serious problem. My fellow growers are getting ripped off every single day by LED manufacturers due to bad information or no information at all. At BlackSail we're trying our hardest to help growers make informed...
  11. Black Sail

    Lighting No more mysteries about Emerson Effect, Flower Initiation, 80 vs 90 CRI

    Flower Initiation Flower Initiation is awesome for photos, but it probably won't make a difference with autos. For photoperiods, flowering is triggered by a pigment called phytochrome. It has an active state(Pfr) and an inactive state(Pr). In the dark it takes about two hours for all the...
  12. Unit Farm

    Indoor Our distributors

    Hello guys. We will update the distributors that we have cooperated together. If you live near the store, you can go into store to check our light and it will be very convenient for you to buy our products.:d5:
  13. Bondido

    New Grower 2 Haze and an AK,1st Tent Grow with Mars LED

    Hello guys and gals, i just Joined AFN and i would like to hear what people more experienced than myself say to my little(?) problem and appreciate any advise. I`ve done 2 relatively sucessful window grows until now and just started my first low budget tent grow. Set Up. Tent ca. 2.5x2.5x5...
  14. FullDuplex

    Lighting Current COBs Available from Cobshop.net

  15. Marty5678

    Indoor Fast buds LSD-25 and COTC Narcotic Kush, LED indoor. Days 55 and 15

    Hi everybody, currently got a grow underway, cream of the crops narcotic Kush at day 55 and Fast buds LSD-25 at day 15, all in 60 X 60 X 180nsecret Jardin tent. Narcotic Kush (100% indica)was stunted a fair bit during pre flower (had to leave unattended for a 6 days) underwatered, didn't...
  16. E

    New Grower Hey guys need some genius advice so I came to AFN. R&B or NW? COB or normal LED? Big yielders? etc

    Hi AFN heads, just toying with ideas for my next set up and would appreciate some input.. (not a new grower but never done auto or indoors so technically new) I have a couple Qs and would be grateful for any advice. 1. Are COB lights better than normal LED in terms of harvesting a large...
  17. B

    Lighting Hans Panel LED

    Hello all, what do you think of the Hans Panle from www.bonsaihero.com ? I have read a lot of positive things about this LED lamp.
  18. C

    Lighting I need help picking a led

    So I'm need to LEDs right zzzzzzz so I would like to get a led that would do 4-6 plants. Veg& flower. An ideas? Iv been looking on Amazon but not to sure what to get. So money go's I'd like to spen 400-600$
  19. ShapeShift

    Lighting Mars II 400w users, show me your ladies!

    Hey all! Currently looking at purchasing a Mars II 400w w/5w chips. I will be adding it to my 60x60x150cm tent, which currently has a 300w old style Mars w/5w chips. Please give me your feedback if you've had experience with this light, post your photos, grows, thread. Hoping to have 2-3...
  20. TaNg

    Old Reviews GN Holographic series 1 review by TaNg.

    TaNg submitted a new Showcase Item: GN Holographic series 1 review by TaNg. Read more about this showcase item here...