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  1. Cheeseman

    Lighting Newbie - telos info please

    hello. This is my first post here. Currently growing under HPS but was struggling with heat this summer so I’ve decided to upgrade the lights to LEDs. The GN telos 8s look to be doing some nice results. Can anyone tell me the footprint the 0008 has compared to a normal 600w hps parabolic? Also...
  2. G


    Hi guys & laddies i am doing my 1st led grow i had a great light led before but the time of year was way cold and i think i panicked and jumped back to hps i sold that light far to cheap and regret ever since but the time i have and the money i have and had i have been doing autos a few year...
  3. BII

    Lighting How Much Light is Optimal, How Much is Too Much, In late Veg. Phase

    Some questions: 1) How much LED light, such as watts draw per sq. ft., is too much and how much is optimal during late veg. growth, such as days 30 until switch to bloom nutes? 2) Is it OK or best to give as much light as possible, and back off if problems are seen, such as leaves...
  4. IceWater421

    Thoughts on what I'm looking at !

    Hey afn I was doing my good morning check on my girls about an hour ago. When I noticed what looks like start of a def to me. I'm in promix bx with worm castings feeding advanced ph perfect line with r.o water. Under LEDs I'm hitting nutes every watering ppm of about 1200 . There in there...
  5. K

    Live Stoners First Auto Experience.....

    Whats everyone i am new to this page and I'm looking to get some grows documented so i can challenge myself with some of these heavy hitters and see where i stand. So a little about me... Im mainly a photo guy and almost always outdoor. I have still gotten in my fair share of grows indoor but...
  6. B

    Lighting Hans Panel LED

    Hello all, what do you think of the Hans Panle from www.bonsaihero.com ? I have read a lot of positive things about this LED lamp.
  7. DubV

    Sweet Seeds DubV's Sweet seed photo runs

    Thought I would throw a little sweet seeds photo action into play my friends :Cool: For those that are not familiar here is the rundown... Hydrohut 2 x 4 tent GrowNorthern MS-006 x 2 leds Vortex 4" fan Phresh 4 x 12 carbon filter 14 liter airpots x 2 Sunshine mix #4 AN ph perfect grow...