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Jul 23, 2017
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northern lights+ white widow autos
Hi guys & laddies i am doing my 1st led grow i had a great light led before but the time of year was way cold and i think i panicked and jumped back to hps i sold that light far to cheap and regret ever since but the time i have and the money i have and had i have been doing autos a few year but had to take a break to put it nicely but the cost of weed has gone mad where i stay up to £25 a gram if your in America i don't think that's far of $40 euros it's the same as the pound just its gone crazy so i have biobizz soil and i was winging it b4 as you can't trust no 1 around you to ask anything i used dutch pro and still have some but its over 3 year old an not sure if it would do more harm than good there no best b4 i have goggled it and can't find that out so if you know that can you tell me but i do need info on a few things as i want this grow to go by the book never used a ph soil or liquid 1 ever went and got a decent 1 am doing big bud xxl ,amnezia haze and a white widow if i should not use that dutch pro what does anyone recommend thats sells on amazon when i got the dutch pro before i was using 4 different bottles at the same time 2 x A & 2 x B i think i was using it wrong but i have some biobizz veg,bloom,topmax i found charts on that that look simple but not for autos due to the shorter life line they have do any of you know if thats ok to use on autos and just get some ph up nd ph down mix whats a lot cheaper than the nuts but i would rather get the best out all the plants i am doing they are only just starting to show the 4th leaf i won't need to use nil for a bit i reckon i have 2 weeks tops b4 it gets repotted i know that autos prefer not being done but the 5 am doing what i had to be sure all 4 germinated 2 x big bud xxl due to the space and the height leds are recommended to be from the plants. i did not think it was a bid risk as if i started in the main pots and a couple did not germ i could have none or 4 i thought i want the 4. the fan i have is to big it was good for hps i have already wasted £13 on a fan off amazon i don't want to buy anything from where i stay its more than a day won't say how long but to long is ok how much powerful of a fan should i use if i want to try training at a low stress level some i have looked at doing and i know the ones that are a no but how important is the fan as the heat is not a problem no more again any advice there.anything i have asked a advise on i would be grateful for and i will try and post some photos along the way so anyone else that want to know about autos and LEDs as they have both came a long way in the last 3 years thanks all gibstrar