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mammoth p

  1. MasterTarzan

    Nutrients Mammoth P & Tribus

    I know both of these are microbials but do they serve the same purpose? If not can they be used together. What about with Recharge?
  2. Mañ'O'Green

    Dinafem Cookies and Cookies

    Hang on to the handle bars here we grow again!
  3. Cardinal

    Mephisto Genetics Wawashell Purple Nuggets DWC with Remo Nutrients

    Wawashell is ready for a run of DWC with Mephisto Purple Nuggets. Set up 450w LED full spectrum 2x4x5.5 tent Tower circ fan 5 gal DWC bucket 4 inch rock wool In Rez- 3x1 inch air stone and 4 inch disk Aqauirium dual line air pump (forgot the specs, but next pay will be getting a hydroponic...
  4. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor Short Stuff, Magic Strains & Zambeza

    Time to start a new grow thread. I will be growing Short Stuff Auto Amnesia CBD, Magic Strains Bubba Trouble and Zambeza White Cheese Auto on Jan 18 for seed drop. I will be in three battles General, Short Stuff and COB GOTY. I want my COB crown back! I reconfigured the exhaust system so I can...
  5. tripaholic88

    Indoor Trip Goes ORGANIC

    ok guys so i have decided to give chemical nutes a break and do some Organic growing. This grow will be grown in Biobizz Light Mix amended with the Roots Organics Uprising line up (Foundation,Grow,Bloom) OregonismXL (bennys) and their Elemental(CalMag). I will also be using Mammoth P and...
  6. Frogster

    Indoor The Return of Zamnisia Auto Caramel - A Frogster Grow

    It's been a while since I posted a journal - but I have still been growing (and smoking the results) :baked: So I thought it time to throw/post a grow journal in here (AFN) again... For this grow I return to one of the nicest plants I have grown before, the delicious "Zamnesia's Auto Caramel"...
  7. N

    Nutrients Root stim and mammoth p

    Happy Halloween ya'll. Im planing on starting my first grow in about a week. Ill be germing a 3bears og a strawberry nuggets and a beary white all from mephisto in rockwool. Ill be using a 2x4 tent. Timber 3vl and smart pots. I plan on using michigan made mix with mother earth cocopeat on the...
  8. Kels59

    Grow Mediums Mephisto Soil Amendment+Recharge+Mammoth P?

    I would like to hear from others using the GBD/Mephisto soil amendment as to what if any other additives you are using. I am using it for first time with Roots Organics Original under HPS lights. I noticed some others using it were adding Recharge once a week so I am going to start that (my...
  9. Yozhik

    Photoperiod Yozhik grows Greenhouse Seeds The Church CBD

    Not the grow I intended to morph into, but ... needs must. So here's the tentative plan. 12 plants in Autopots. Only 10 x The Church CBD have been germinated so far; primarily due to doing 12 was a very recent decision. Coco will be the medium Nutrifield are the nutrients of choice...
  10. swerve

    Indoor Gorilla glue#4 x girl scout cookies

    Strain: gg#4 x girl scout cookies Media: 60/40 coco & perlite Nutrients: general hydroponic 3 part, superthrive, liquid seaweed, armor si, cal-mag, flora nectar, liquid koolbloom, dry koolbloom and MAMMOTH P! Light: 1000 watt eye hortilux super how and 1000 watt 10k spectrum bulb THE...
  11. thomas m

    Lighting SE500 uvb review, with help from Geopot.

    Hi everyone. The West Coast checking in going to review the SE500 and OUR friends over at Geopots are giving us a hand on this one. So lets dive right in and get to some details. Vic has done it again. The guys @ Amaretech have bumped up the se450 to 500. here is some of the spec info sent...
  12. strangegreen

    Mephisto Genetics #21 Sour Crinkle + #29 BlueToof

    Hi All, Put the seeds into shot glass of water over night July 27th. Sprouted next day. Put into rapid rooters into a makeshift greenhouse. Transferred to soil once taproot showed on bottom. Soil - FFOF+ azomite, perlite and mykos. Viparspctra 300w for veg Galaxy Hydro 600w for bloom Nectar...
  13. Only1Sky

    Mephisto Genetics 1Sky Trys Mephisto with Amare SE450 & A-Train's Nute Schedule

    Trying out my first Mephisto strains; the 4-20 Promo plus one: Sour Livers, Stilton Special, Northern Cheese Haze, plus a Ripley's OG. The magic will come from Amare's fabulous SE450 light and a modified Advanced Nutrients schedule, courtesy of @A-Train. Click here to view it. The...
  14. Mañ'O'Green

    Photoperiod The Incredible Bulk Adventure

    My next grow will be Dr Krippling's "The Incredible Bulk" photoperiod strain. I have some changes to accomplish in my grow space to get started. I am going to rockwool blocks so I needed a flood tray and drip irrigation setup; I completed that today. I have 6 more COB Leds to add to the space...
  15. Smorf

    Grow Room Smorf's Micro #4: Mephisto northern cheese haze

    May 7th - Put seed in wet paper towel May 9th -Taproot showed, then i put the seed in the soil and gave 6oz water with recharge and 0.05ml mammoth p. Left in the grow box with lights off and a plastic bag over the pot. May 10th- turned lights on and removed the plastic bag and put a humidity...
  16. NugNoob

    New Grower |NN| Dutch P / Mephisto / Dinafem / WW - SECOND GROW

    Hello all again and welcome to my second grow ever! Sorry my last grow kinda dwindled down and well... it fell flat on it's face mostly due to gnats and w/e else I screwed up. One of the AK's is actually still alive (Jupiter) outside buy hasn't grown much at all, not looking healthy either...
  17. BigD1128

    Mephisto Genetics Heisenberg Special Micro Grow

    I have a Heisenberg Special that was a freebie from my last order. This will be more of an experimental grow. I have read this variety can sometimes grow to 3' tall. Using LST and possibly topping or FIM to keep her as short as possible. The seed has cracked open and hopefully pops above ground...
  18. BigD1128

    Indoor SS SharkBite grow journal

    Hi everyone! I am back for round 2 and I will be growing Short Stuff SharkBite. This will be more of an experimental grow. I plan on topping ,LST and transplanting to keep things as short as possible since my last grow was too much for my cabinet. The seed will be going into coco tomorrow and...
  19. Ripper

    Indoor Rippers perpetual grow featuring Amare

    Ok so I have been growing up to 8 plants at a time in a 4x4. I have been using 2 gallon pots and running at 24 hours. I had most plants finish with 10% amber at around 55 days. So I am starting a perpetual thread so I can just update one thread. Today I planted a Magic strains bubba trouble...
  20. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor DWC Amphetamine & Narcotic Kush

    COTC Amphetamine & Narcotic Kush Autos DIY Cob Led 8 x CLU048-1212C4-353H6K2 2-MeanWell HLG-185-c-1400b 385 watts at the wall 730nm SemiLeds 30x30x60 yescom tent CO2 tank injection 6" Hyper Fan w/silencer and/or carbon filter DWC homemade 5 gallon reservoir w/gravity top off tank 2-4" flat...