1. SneakyReefer

    Mephisto Genetics Christmas came early!

  2. InhumanTheory

    Mephisto Genetics Ghosts Mephisto Journey.

    Greetings, farm friends! Call me Ghost. Medical indoor grower here wanting to document my Meph gardens progress on here as well for once ( as well as join a forum for the first time as well, so forgive me if I don’t know what I’m doing Lol!) This is my fourth grow this far and have been...
  3. 3Bog


    Dec 27th cut.
  4. Mephisto Cosmic Queen (main cola)

    Mephisto Cosmic Queen (main cola)

    She was so beautiful i almost couldnt stop taking photos to trim her. a very unique pink hue on the edges of the small leaves. all of these photos are post-fan removal...
  5. Mephisto's CosmiC Queen (side cola)

    Mephisto's CosmiC Queen (side cola)

    another beautiful top. such uniformity. We think she's the best strain they have to offer, and we have grown all but one or two of their strains.
  6. Cosmic Queen (small side branch)

    Cosmic Queen (small side branch)

    And BOY, is she! she smells like a day at the beach, salty ocean, sunscreen, and a slight chemmy after-smell. one amazing plant. She was one of the first we flowered under our new quantum boards. worth every penny! she was so sticky I has to stop after every single branch and clean my scissors.
  7. Arsenal

    Indoor Fall Grow, Mephisto and Humboldt

    Well its that time to get the fall crop going. I am running Humboldt Blue Dream Auto along with three Mephisto strains, Orange Biscuit, Orange Diesel and Forgotten Cookies. I germinated two of each strain and the plan is to use the best one of each strain. Soil is Roots Organic Original that...
  8. Arsenal

    Mephisto Genetics Little Help/Advice on Fugue State

    My Fugue State is 30 days old today but looking at her she looks naked. I was just wondering if anybody here has had similar experiences. The others in the tent are in full flower and really packing it on. FS is the tallest one in the tent but rather bare and I haven't experienced a Mephisto...
  9. Playboy mac

    Outdoor Playboys outdoor cage/green house grow 2018

    Hey AFN, i am starting this grow journal to help anyone who is interested in the genetics I'm working with at the moment, so we can all find out a general yield and smoke experience with some strains by many different breeders,, first off I wanna say that I've been trying to get this on here and...
  10. KapScot

    Indoor All Good Things . . .

    Stop all the timers, and turn off the lights. Pull out the last girl so frosty and bright. Silence the fans and pull out the power. Bring out the bong, for a farewell shower. Take out the trays for one last clean. Recycle the ducting, how shiny it gleams. No more climbing the ladder, up to my...
  11. LovinKVS

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto spring 2018 Artisanal and Limited Edition Testers

    Hey Everyone. So I have been lucky enough to get my hands on these amazing Spring test strains, Fugue State, Forum stomper, Orange Diesel, Strawberry Nuggets and Forgotten Cookies, thanks again Mitch @mephisto , its an honor to be given the chance. Its been a while since I've journaled anything...
  12. Cardinal

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Mystery Seed

    SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Mystery Seed Did it autoflower?: (Y/N) Yes Soil/hydro: 2 gal. Organic Potting soil mix (organic compost soil, coco, vermiculite and some peat) Nutes: Remo Nutrients- Micro, Grow, Bloom, VeloKelp, Magnifical, Nature's Candy and Astroflower Light...
  13. JonnyBravo420

    Indoor Maxing out on Mephisto 5 strains, I GOTY winner in sight

    Welcome all to my offical first grow journal on AFN. I have ran a test of the Mephisto gear and was most impressed with the results. But I know on to the details of this adventure and how it will depart into the unknown for a shot at the 2017 Grower of the Year comp (you should make your way...
  14. Dukeallday

    New Grower Mephisto Chemdoggin and Cropking WW

    4 Mehphisto Chemdoggin 2 Cropking White Widow 3 by 3 gorilla tent 315W Sunsystems LEC 5, 5 gallon airpots. 1 Regular pot (WW) Zero water through 23 cup counter top filter. (0PPM water) FFOF soil with 20% wormcastings Advanced nutrients ph perfect parts A/B grow/bloom. AN big bud...
  15. Rhubarb Pi

    Mephisto Genetics POLL: Rhubarb's 2nd Cycle

    GREETINGS 2nd cycle of Mephisto Autos is IMMINENT. I will be starting two right away, with another 2 varietals at the 30 day mark. SO AFN - Which @mephisto pair should I begin ASAP? Keep in Mind the following: @BigSm0 AutoCOBs, 3x3 tent, exhaust system, coco coir :)
  16. E

    Indoor My indoor self build.

    When I say indoor I'm talking a shed and I'm in the North West uk about 52 degrees lat. So I've made a setup for a small grow, one plant - sour crack - 10 litre smartpot - organic grow. Half hour work with junk wood from leftover projects a found light fitting and two things I already had...
  17. Delta9RSD

    Mephisto Genetics I've got them all plus more....

    I won he whole line from Mephisto....I'm a med patient in Colorado, USA....these auto's are amazing me....wow. These auto's r no joke. Great genetics!! Stellar service...prob the BEST customer service ever...seriously. Where else do u talk to the person who created the strain & packaged the...
  18. Raaz

    Live Stoners Greetings everyone!

    I guess a decent thing to do would be to introduce myself. My growing friends call me Raaz because of my first indoor grow that they really liked. Primarily I am a caregiver grower that started with indoor because my wife needs Cannabis oil to function normally. Meanwhile my relation with the...