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  1. Grow of 2x OG kush + Mystery seed + home grown seed, citizen CLU048-1212 cobs

    Completed Grow of 2x OG kush + Mystery seed + home grown seed, citizen CLU048-1212 cobs

    Electricity costs are rising, so I decided I will start a new grow, with the same OG seeds (turned out that 1 seed was a mystery, and 1 OG failed so replaced with a home grown seed) but this time a standard (for me) 4x scrog, quick veg, 16 nodes per plant, flower. Top up the stash and hope it...
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    Dinafem OG Kush. Outdoor organic greenhouse. No bottled nutrients 10+ ft autoflower. Fairbanks AK.

    Indoor Ethos, Auto seeds, Fastbuds, Mephisto. 12 total

    Hey, new to the site this is my 4th time growing autos i normally only grow 3-4 at a time but i wanted to run a decent amount just to see what happens. Ill post updated pics once a week till finish. Thanks for stopping by! Setup Kingbrite 550v2 quantum light amazon "1000w" blurple (240 from...
  4. First auto grow

    First auto grow

    My 1st proper auto grow, I'm growing 5 BCN critical xxl, and 1 OG Kush and 1 Kings kush, I'm growing them under 125w red cfl and a 300w blue cfl, also have a T8 with 4 2 ft 18w bulbs equaling 72 w, temps were running low with the fans on so turned them off and sealed up tent except a small...
  5. scally420

    Indoor OG Kush Auto, seed stockers.

    It's been a while but I'am back, gonna start with some seed stockers OG Kush..I planted 2 the first one is up just waiting on the second!
  6. Tyler_Durden88

    Indoor Humboldts OG Kush & Bubba Kush

    I'm doing this thread for the two Humboldts autoflowers I got. First one being OF kush and the other pre 98 bubba kush. They will be grown in a coco/perilite 50/50 mix. Drain to waste with Advanced Nutrients PH perfect Sensi grow and bloom. And AN supplements as well Sensi calmag Xtra, Voodoo...
  7. Columbo

    Photography OG Kush Auto... getting close :)

    This is my first autoflower grow, stated back in the 2nd week of Feb. Leaves turned really dark green nearly blue. Never grew any marijuana before, so unsure of best time to clip the buds. and a cropped close-up
  8. F

    Live Stoners Hello I am Foos and I am new

    Greetings to all, Very happy to find AFN. A couple of years ago I threw some street weed seeds into a planter box on our gazebo. It grew. I transplanted it. Then another. Didn't get good results from the first two. Did it again the next year and ended up with some decent bud from two...
  9. L

    Mephisto Genetics Which `OG` from Mephisto?

    Hi guys, I am about to finalise my season 2019 grow plan and wanted to ask your help concerning Mephisto's OG strains. Ripley's OG, 3 Bears OG and Samsquanch OG all sound amazing, but make it hard for me to pick which one to go for (besides various other Meph strains). Grow Setup: Southern...
  10. Bandana

    New Grower 1st Grow - Ethos OG Kush R5 Auto

    Hello This is my 1st grow, the plants are 3 weeks old from sprout. I have 1 Cherry Wine Reg Seed and 3 OG Kush R5. I am using Coco Coir, General Hydroponics trio and a 69.99 ebay 1,000 Watt LED Light :haha: I have made some mistakes on the way, I believed some received some wind burn in the...
  11. Only1Sky

    Dinafem Dinafem OG Kush - RainScience GrowBag Test & Round1 2019 Grow Battle (Only1Sky)

    Hey folks, here's my photo journal of 2 Dinafem OG Kush plants; they will be participating in the RainScience Grow Bag test as well as Round 1 of the 2019 Dinafem Grow Battle. :biggrin: Additionally, they'll be competing in: The Biggest Grow Battle in the World General Battle of the Year...
  12. Only1Sky

    Dinafem Critical+2.0 & OG Kush - Sept 2018 Grow Battle Finals (Only1Sky)

    Hi Fellow Growers & Window-Shoppers & Arm-chair Enthusiasts. Here's a little photo journal of my Dinafem entrants in the Sept 2018 Grow Battle Finals. We'll be running a Critical +2.0 and an OG Kush. :biggrin: The setup for Critical is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Light: Amare SolarECLIPSE...
  13. T

    Indoor Fantasmo Express And Ethos OG Kush Auto

    Heres a video of both the fantasmo express is on the right and og kush on left https://vimeo.com/user91161730/express I topped fantasmo and had a stem break on me so i tapped it back together the fantasmo is about 6 to 7 weeks in and OG kush is on day 35 grow in coco coir/perlite 5 gallon smart...
  14. Weescar

    New Grower First Seedstockers Auto Grow

    This grow is being tended to by a relative, she has helped me grow in autopots twice, she now has a grow space for herself and is being pretty much left to her own devices, but always asking questions and I'm in having a look now and then. The room is a 150cm x 240 cm room that we built inside...
  15. Weescar

    Indoor Seedstockers 5 strains 12 beans

    Hi everyone, probably missed the introduction part of this forum and just jumped right in. We already have a room full of Autos on day 35, starting these now in a smaller nursery cupboard Day 1 We have drilled 12mm holes in a bit of wood, filled each seed vial with a little water and placed...
  16. Koalabeer

    Outdoor Auto and Photo Grow up North - Light Deprivation Party!

    Hi growers from around the world, 5 photos and 6 autos are chillin' in the sunny garden and are receiving lots of love and pleasure-pain :naughtystep:. 2017 was not only the year a Morty got elected president of the citadel of Ricks (amazing) but also the year I failed completely at growing...
  17. Grows

    Indoor Finished my 2nd On to the Next Grow.

    I started a Great white shark autofem by Canuk seeds right b4 I harvested the White Widow and Amnesia haze auto's by cks I grew, here's a pic. But the great white shark is now 2 weeks into flower almost. and I have a 2-3 week old AK x Critical mass autofem by Canuk seeds aswell and I have 3...
  18. 420weedwizard

    Live Stoners What is the best Autoflowering OG Kush?

    Hey guys, who in your opinion has the best OG Kush (breeders) ?. In terms of potency, similarity to the real OG Kush (I know that there are different cuttings of real deal OG Kush), and the iconic OG Kush structure.
  19. Dabber

    New Grower The Kush Comparison Grow

    I'm doing a Kush comparison grow with the following 3 Kush strains and 3 breeders FastBuds Blackberry, Mephisto 3 Bears OG and MSNL OG Kush My set up: Room 44" x 44" x 9' Lighting 2 HiGrow 600 watt LEDs, 1 Growstar 1000 watt LED and supplemental LED drop light in 5000 and 2700 kelvin for veg...
  20. tone203v

    Live Stoners are all autos weaker versions of their original phototype strains??

    hey , new to growing autos , but not growing .. never even smoked a auto until my last grow .. i did all my home work and yes i know its a fact autos are weaker because part of the genetics its a very low thc ruderalis crossed with a good strain making it a lesser version .. thou ive herd low...