1. POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker for decarboxylation, infusion and extraction.

    POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker for decarboxylation, infusion and extraction.

    POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker for decarboxylation, infusion and extraction. https://noids.green/products/pot-by-noids I've been looking for an easier way to decarb & infuse my bud, as I'm getting a bit older now & the joints/blunts & pipes/bongs of yesterday are getting a bit difficult to hit...


    I was just having fun the other day, when i chopped down one of my Ayahuascas. Thought about using it for an avatar. I probably will, I just wanted to share is larger so people can see what it actually is. Avatars are so small.
  3. GreenMersh

    Advice Needed. Medium/seedbank/Pots

    Alright so I’m looking for the best and most fool proof options, as I am re doing a lot of my growing set up. I need to figure out what is the best and most simple soil for a newer grower to use on auto flowers. I’ve been using pure happy frog soil from fox farm, feeding with just Phed water and...
  4. Ripper

    Welcome to the Living organic soils section

    I wanted to see what interest we could get going on making our own super soils. I will be posting some recipes I have found from a few reputable growers and I encourage others to do the same.
  5. GoAuto6

    Dinafem The Next Dina-might Dina-Fem comp is here..

    The first 12 members with a 200 post count 6 U.S and 6 Europe/Canada will get a pack of Dina-Fem White Cheese. to grow out! for this fine show and tell. A plant will be chose by poll and the winner gets this Dina-Fem shirt And a 5 pack of white Widow Auto.
  6. T.C. Bosby

    Grow Mediums How Many Pots?

    Alright, I've narrowed it down to two options, and I could use some feedback to help me make this decision. I have a 5x5 tent, and can't decide between the Autopot XL (4 x 6.6 gallon) or Autopot (6 x 3.9 gallon). I figure most grows I do would either involve LST or possibly Scrogging. Thanks...
  7. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Review of MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

    MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer - A Review First impression: MIGO 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer is made of stainless steel. It seems durable and of good quality. Well built, elegant and practical design. The dry herb coil is a spiral surrounded of a ceramic insulator. The wax coil is...
  8. pop22

    The Myth of Drainage Material in Containers

    A discussion of drainage materials in the bottom of autopots, and pots in general, led me to hunt this info as my thoughts on this told me that adding gravel, etc was NOT a good idea. My reasoning proves to be basically right. Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D., Extension Horticulturist and Associate...
  9. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Whats the best pots out there?

    And size. Looking to buy some. All responses are appreciated. Thanks guys!
  10. Johnnybudseed

    Indoor Perfect Pot Size - And what the outcome.

    Hello, I have been wondering really, what is the perfect pot size? will my plants be the right small size if i use a small 1 or 2 gallon pot? Please let me know if you have grown in pot sizes 1 Gal - 5 Gal and the ups and downs. Thanks guys and i hope this is an intriguing thread to elaborate on.