POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker for decarboxylation, infusion and extraction.

POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker for decarboxylation, infusion and extraction.

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POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker for decarboxylation, infusion and extraction.

I've been looking for an easier way to decarb & infuse my bud, as I'm getting a bit older now & the joints/blunts & pipes/bongs of yesterday are getting a bit difficult to hit without coughing up a lung. I've also got a wife who dislikes the smell of Cannabis, so it is really difficult decarbing etc in the house oven.

I was looking very closely at the Ardent FX & Nova, but purchasing & support for these products in the UK is very limited, so I decided to check out what else was out there. There are a few machines out there, but most look poor quality, get bad reviews, or only do one function such as decarb (and I want an all in one).

At the end of my journey, I found and chose POT by NOIDS. It is at the top scale for one of these devices @ £270 or $300 euro (approx). I really didn't want to pay that sort of price, but I thought this is something that is going to do me for a lot of years so I didn't want to be cheap. Even the poor looking devices were over £100, so I went all in.

My POT was ordered through our friendly neighbourhood Amazonian site, and promptly delivered the next day. Packing was to the usual standard, and the box for the POT was of good quality. Once finished with the POT I store it again in its original packaging, so it shows robustness.


On the packaging, there is a notice: Designed in the Netherlands. Made in China. Don't know if that's trying to be a brag or not, but sourcing Chinese parts is not selling it to me. Anyway...


You get some nice paperwork with the POT. Quick guide and User Manual. It may seem thick, but that's only because the instructions are in about ten different languages. You can also get a digital copy of the instructions from the website, which is what I use.


The POT itself is quite a sleek device, about the height of an A4 page, but not as wide and so would fit easily on a shelf, or in a storage box. You can tell it is well made, and it has a lot of weight. It accepts power from the full 110 - 240v range, and you get a power cord, but you need to supply your own plug for your region (US, EU, UK etc)


The POT has a number of different settings, simply activated by turning the pot on its base. You have separate settings for THC & CBD Decarb, and THC & CDB infusing, there is a final setting for alcohol evaporation.


The pot makes a chime sound when the setting is activated & the lower ring glows.

There are inbuilt times on each of the settings, so you just turn it on & let it go. The pot will turn itself off after completion.



I've used the decarb cycle here. The light sand coloured trichs have come out almost like brown sugar, a perfect decarb.

One thing I will say is that there was a smell as the decarb cycle was happening. Some of these pots describe themselves as 'smell free', but this one is not. It's not as bad as doing it in your fan oven in the kitchen, but there is still a smell. Luckily for me I can just take out it to the garage & plug it in and no one is any wiser. It may be a deal-breaker for some though.


Full Kit.


Here's a link to a little demo, which shows the basics.

A Final Word:

Overall I like my new POT by NOIDS, and can see myself using it quite frequently Ease of use is 10 of 10, it has the features I want in one device & as a bonus I can do some extraction work. You pay the price for all this ease, but if you want to cook with no fuss and have a few hundred quid lying around then you could do much worse.

I'll be back once I get my gummy kit sorted out, and have tested the other features.

Thanks for getting to the end. :thanks:

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