1. sheria

    Yellowish brown specks on leafs, spreading. Advice?

    Plant is growing strong but started to show yellowish brown spots on the tip of the bottom leafs. It's spreading inwards. They started white, progressing inwards and turn yellow then brown. The soil is Biozbizz light mix. She sprouted 8 days ago after 1 and a half day. Seed was planted in a...
  2. E

    sprout problem

    hey can i ask a question i germinated one gorilla cookies last week saturday or sunday if i remember im new to growing have only made it out with 1 harvest now on my 2nd try... the thing is that i couldnt ever get a seed pop out the soil normally i always have to dig the soil to pull the seed...
  3. H

    Anyone had any experience with this?!
    Threadmarks: This looks strange

    My cheese autoflower (royalseeds) is currently displaying some issues and some strange growth on the main Cola that I have never experienced before. She's a tall girl, taller than the rest of the canopy sitting around 40cm from the led light (I know that it's closer than recommended - 60cm...
  4. K

    Dwarf plants

    Hi, this is my first time growing any kind of weed, I built my own grow room from plywood. It is very primitive looking, I know, and is way too big because I didn't know exactly how tall they would grow. I used bagged soil mixed with homemade compost from worm castings and perlite. My soil was...
  5. C

    61 Days, Still not flowering

    • Pyramid Seeds — Auto Fresh Candy • Soil: 2/1 FF Happy Frog, Perlite • Sprouted in final 3.5 gal. pot 4/28 —Currently 61 days • 18/6 light schedule • 2 Modified 100 watt LED bulbs, 1 60 watt with globe on, daylight Began feeding half nutes at week 4, now also doing half bloom — Miracle Grow...
  6. ganjaman21

    HELP! Extreme calmag deficiency and Nute Burn??

    Hi guys! This is my 1st grow ever and I've been struggling with some kind of mobile deficiency this past week. I'm growing 2 autos (Sticky Beast / Diesel) in soil (DNA/Mills soil with cork) in 14l pots. I'm now on day 48 from seed. Water goes in at 6.9ph and comes out around 6.1ph. The...
  7. JackDenmark

    Indoor Stardawg from FastBuds

    Hello, i need help to diagnose some of my plants.. Im still learning and i have tried to find out what the problem is but i cant figure it out completely.. I think its has something to do with either me using to much nitrogen or not flushing enough or else it must be a (P) issue, or a...
  8. Cheesecakes

    Dark greyish green spots on leaves?

    Hi I have 4 Lemon OG haze all been doing good until 4 days ago. They started going yellow from the bottom of the plant, they were due a feed the next day so I left them. The next day I go to feed them and these spots have appeared. My first thoughts "it's a cal-mag issue" so being later in the...
  9. IceWater421

    Tiny Spots Lighter Green Up Top Help!!!

    Hey AFN sad to be posting here lol but great to be able to come here and here your thoughts. Be even better when it's figured out and solved:smoking:. All start by saying I'm in coco hempy bucket using advance nutrients . Using an LED 230watts from wall with a 400watt I hortlux hps . I use r.o...
  10. Mugen

    Yellow Tips on Newer Leaves and general Yellowing of older leaves. (Day 50)

    Hey Forum I'm a rookie grower and got no idea what's happening here, how severe it is, or what to do to help these ladies a little. Any input is much appreciated. As far as equipment goes I have one MarsHydro 96 LED ( about 25cm(~10") away from tops, plants have stopped...
  11. P J

    Glands on roots, problem or not?

    I was just harvesting some plants and half of them had gland like things at about 2mm diamètre on roots, other half of plants did not have any. All from the same strain and all performed well. And no root rot, all roots were nice and white Does that indicate anything or not? Thank you all in advance
  12. FirstTimeG-row

    Live Stoners 12 week old royal dwarf slow flower need advice!!!

    hi guys i need an experienced growers knowledge as this is my first grow and arnt sure what to do from here on out. my plant is aproximatly 80-90 cm (havnt messured in a while) it is starting to flower as i can see are growing slowly . using a 10ltr pot but could be root bound arnt sure as roots...
  13. P

    Help - Skunk #1 auto yellowing

    Hi everyone. I am about 4 weeks into my first grow and have learnt a heap from reading these forums. I have been 2 White Label Skunk #1 in Canna Terra Pro soil under 600w MH and have been feeding exactly as per the attached chart using Biobizz Grow and Biobizz Root Juice. Watering about every...
  14. manny

    New Grower Seedling problem! Help!

    Hi! I just started my first DWC grow ever and i need some help so I would really be thankfull if u guys did. So.. I planted my seeds in root it cubes and they grew up tall very fast so on day 3 I transplanted them into 4 inch rockwoolcubes that had been soaked in a nutrient mix with a EC of...