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  1. M

    Photography Can plant recover from health stem and health root but without leaves ?

    Hello i want to ask today i found my plant with dry dead leaves plant is 1 week and 5 days old. And my ask is can i recover the plant? Because stem is good and alive also roots are good and alive. I think i know where is the problem i didn't put on fan and didn't cycle the heat from inside but...
  2. Druid

    Indoor Taproot pruning Experiment - Baby

    Hey, I've refined my methods a bit and am running a new experiment. This time I aim to get some indications as to the effects of early root pruning. Hypothesis 1: Early on air-pruning of the tapRoot can greatly increase root density and lead to stronger plantGrowth Hypothesis 2: Dwc...
  3. NugNoob

    Indoor Mammoth P + Anything else? Next grow.

    Hey guys I'm thinking for grow #2 as I do research and gather things to prepare for that I would love AFN's input, advice, experiences in this... I'm pretty set on trying out Mammoth P and was also thinking of using a root stimulator like Canna Rhizotonic or AN Voodoo Juice or maybe just throw...
  4. P J

    Glands on roots, problem or not?

    I was just harvesting some plants and half of them had gland like things at about 2mm diamètre on roots, other half of plants did not have any. All from the same strain and all performed well. And no root rot, all roots were nice and white Does that indicate anything or not? Thank you all in advance
  5. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Pot volume

    Have anyone really investigated the question what are the necessary pot volume? Most people say bigger, the better. I have seen fantastic results in small pots. These plants are fast growers. I think there is a limit for how big pots they can utilise. Harvest will have a second pleasure...
  6. ShapeShift

    Indoor What have I got wrong ? 1st Auto Attempt

    Hey fello afn'rs ! Finally got underway with my first couple of autos but looks like I'm failing drastically.... Somehow :/ I've grown regular bag seed before outdoors and have no troubles growing the average outdoory.. But as we all do, I wanted to better that. So i got what I thought was a...
  7. Grim Reefer

    Super Anti - Root Rot Tea

    Introduction This Tea will completely stop root rot and act as a preventative as long as its used on a weekly basis. It will make the beneficial bacteria product last 100 times longer as we create over billions of beneficial bacteria working to help improve your crop. Plant Benefits Your...
  8. Renaissance Redneck

    Redneck Revival (Chicken Free Zone)

    Evening, Peeps. I'm actually starting this thread at the request of my Missus, and her wise (and been there before) counsel. I spoke to Aunty today, and maybe some of this comes from reflecting on what I've learned here at AFN. I'm out of the closet, and pursuing a "teachable moment":biggrin...