1. Day 14+ update & topping

    Day 14+ update & topping

    I call it day "14+" because it's been 14 days since the last of the 6 seeds popped & fully dug her way out of the soil. So in fact, most of the plants are 1-3 days past the 2 week mark. This last week they've drank roughy 1.5L each with the following inputs (ml per L) Root juice 3ml...
  2. O

    Need ALOT of help

    Plants range in age from 34-48 days old. All in 5 gallon grow bags with a a mix of HF/OF soil, PH has always been 6.1- 6.3, Run off PH is around 6.0 - 6.3, temp 73-79, RH 45-50, under a Viparspectra p1500 with a PPFD reading of 500-650. Been giving 5ml of “fish shit” every watering or every...
  3. O

    When to use

    I’m in a mix of happy frog and ocean forrest my auto flower plants range in age 3days -12days Mephisto genetics. When would be a safe time to start using Fish Sh!t? The bottle says from seedling to flush 3-5 ml per gallon. I just don’t know if my soil is to hot to use it yet. Thanks in advance...
  4. O

    Nutrient help

    when would I start using these nutes? I’m in a mix of happy frog and ocean Forrest soil. 3 day old Mephisto forum stomper and germinating a night owl Blue sprayed shoes remix. Wanna mess them up as little as possible any help would be beyond appreciated. Thanks
  5. O

    Mephisto grow guide 2017

    high, does anybody know if Mephisto has changed anything since 2017 when they published this grow guide? Specifically in the soil/nutrients department. Figured I’d give the big dogs method a shot. Thanks in advance for any input GROW GUIDE LINK……...
  6. S

    First time soil home grow.

    Hey there, growers. I reached that part of my middle life crisis when I started caring about taste and flavor. This time, I’m doing it organic! I’ve been occasional DWC and coco recreational home grower for my personal and my friends/family needs but soil seems like a natural and hassle free...
  7. P

    Good organic soil? Recommendations…

    Hi all, I was hoping some of you could provide your recommendations on which organic soil I should order for my grow. I’ve used Gaia Green living soil before, but I can no longer order it on Amazon for whatever reason, and so far the only place I’ve found it was in Canada (nightmare to get -...
  8. cozyboytro

    Soil vs Coco medium for a First Timer?

    Hey relatively new grower here, I'll be setting up a 2x4 (80cm x 80cm x 180cm) Tent with ViparSpectra P2000 200W lights. I'm thinking of going with an auto flowering strain but I'm still unsure about that. My question is which would be a better medium for a beginner soil or coco? Could I grow 2...
  9. ItzSticky

    Grow Mediums After two grows using FF, wanting to switch to Roots Organic. How do you like them?
    Threadmarks: Roots Organic

    Hey AFN! I started growing with Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog. My only two grows have been with Fox Farm. I'm looking to change soils and since my local hydro store consistently carries them it seems like a sound change. From my understanding Roots Organic is a coco-coir soil base, so...
  10. D

    Best way to fill fabric pots with soil?

    I've been using 5gal fabric pots and can never fill the pots completely. The soil level tends to shrink after each watering. What's a good way to fill 5gallon fabric pots so I can limit the soil shrinkage during watering?
  11. FAAAAAAAAIL... RQS Blue Cheese Auto - Conner B Cheese - Seedling Fail

    FAAAAAAAAIL... RQS Blue Cheese Auto - Conner B Cheese - Seedling Fail

    Winter grow, for my 4th serious attempt. Pretty much same recipe and same setup.. Tent 80x80x160cm BestVA 600 reflector 1 x 15w fan dehumidifier Biobiz Allmix + perlite + Easy Boost after transplant For this one I feel very focused and hope this will be the first real grow with an acceptable...
  12. theBroGro

    Soil (T.A organic light mix), germination and other general questions I have

    Hey guys! I've been lurking and reading for quite some time and finally trying some autos out. :headbang: I was having few questions about my own set now. I have T.A Organic soil light mix Is this good for autoflowers as only medium? It is a mix and very light apparently, but I can't find...
  13. draxcel

    Stinking whole flat Help

    Hi guys,It’s me and my silly question again.I Yesterday came to conclusion my flat where I live in Is smelling like my 2 cannabis plants.Need to buy a carbon filter and was asking this:2x2x5,5 tent,intake (100 mm USB fan),exhaust 100mm quietline vent 100m3/h(=58cfm?) Need to buy a carbon filter...
  14. J

    Soil not drying out?

    *This is my first post on AFN so I apologize if I formatted incorrectly. I have four seedlings that are on day 13 that I put into solo cups to get started and I think they are running into issues. Let me take you from the very top so you get the full picture: I soaked the beans for 24hours and...
  15. Suki

    Jean-O's "What the Fuck! Where's My Dog?!?" A Jean-o's Genetics Test Grow
    Threadmarks: Initial Game Plan and Grow Details

    Saving this space for my test grow of two new strains by @Jean-O's Genetics, What the Fuck and Where's My Dog. USPS is showing they should be here tomorrow. Hubby has requested that I start with Where's my Dog, so is will be dropping two of them as soon as I have them in my hot little hands. I...
  16. E

    Grow Mediums Questions about soil in autopots

    Hi everyone I got my hands on 4 autopots(15 liter) and im thinking about transplanting my 4 plants to them since i have to do it anyway to bigger pots. They are now in 8l pots with 70% soil, 20% perlite and 10% Coco. So my questions: 1. I thinking about filling rest of autopots with 50% soil...
  17. marijuaman

    Nute burn in organic soil

    Hey all! These plants are 47 days old and suffering from what I think is nute burn. Medium is FFOF/perlite, with just plain PH 6.3-6.5 tap water apart from a single top dressing. I had some low soil PH issues in the first 3 weeks, so I decided to top dress with build-a-flower around week 3 in...
  18. RQS Special Queen Photo - Special Queen Shania - First "Successful" Grow

    Completed RQS Special Queen Photo - Special Queen Shania - First "Successful" Grow

    ok so, this is my first grow, second journal. I know.. doesn't make much sense, but it actually does. I busted my phone's memory card and lost most of my grow's pictures, but I just managed to recover a few of them, and I want to make a point of documenting all my grows, as long as it ends in...
  19. Frank_Spencer

    Indoor Wee Tent Frank

    This will be my ongoing tent action thread :thumbsup:
  20. C

    Live Stoners My 1st time attempting a soil grow. Need a few tips please.

    Greetings to all. So far I have done 2 grows using DWC and seeds that i had collected whenever I found any. But this go round i wanna try my hand at soil and with some quality seeds. I ordered 5-Gelato, 5-Zkittlez, and 5-Wedding Cake seeds from ILGM, all of them autoflower, which is also...