1. 420SOS

    Live Stoners How do YOU stealth smoke?

    Apart from the good ol sploof do you know any other tricks or techniques on how to smoke without getting caught? Many of you might not even wonder about stuff like that cause you are fortunate but my name stands for Survival and Optimization System and I'm making a compilation for those who...
  2. Fitzy

    Cover plant

    Anyone who needs a good cover plant to make ur plants less obvious check these out I found these @ a local nursery before the flowers came I thought they were cbd plants but they were just a flower
  3. Dr Fluff

    Indoor Arty Grows: Rainbow Stone & Citrus Noir

    Arty Grows: Rainbow Stone & Citrus Noir 2 strain from The Autoflower Portal It has been a while since my last grow as I only grow for myself and my family and my missus. I'm a vaper and only then in the evening after the day's work and chores are done and any time I chooses on weekends and...
  4. A

    Grow Room Homeade stealth grow cab

    Made a led stealth grow cab with epistar 3w chips and cobs 100% smell and light proof perfect temps and humidity. 100% automated if used with pH perfect just add nutes and water and it does the rest. Even sends temp and humidity to my phone and alerts me if the door is opened.
  5. A

    Grow Room !!! Ultimate stealth micro grow !!!

    Never seen this idea but thought about it for quite sometime. I'm a boiler engineer and I always have to dispose of old boilers which anyone can find for FREE! ALL YOU NEED IS A DISCARDED BOILER AND A 50W LED OF THE RIGHT SPECTRUM A DRIVER & THAT'S IT EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCLUDED IN THE BOILER...
  6. E

    Seed Bank Seed City -- great place to order your seeds!

    Seed City -- great place to order your seeds! Hey AFN crew, Should have done this some time ago. Just a quick shout out to Seed City. My latest grow of mainly CBD med plants (here) was sourced through Seed City. Again. Did my last order through them, too. Great site -- Good options for...
  7. Mariano Gomes

    Indoor Carbon filter question Phresh vs Mountain Air? Or?

    I heard a lot of good things about Phresh filters and better things about Mountain Air. My main concern is the flowering and harvest stage when the buds get really dank in most forums I see Ipower Vivosun and all the cheap china knockoffs don't cut it for the flowering period and some smell...
  8. Clayman

    New Grower 21 x 21 x 31 inch stealth grow box. Led 300 w

    This is the fourth grow in this box. White Widow Auto 11/1/17 Northern Lights Auto 11/1/17 Super Lemon Haze Auto 25/12/16 The light is a no name 300 watt 100 x 3 watt with IR & UV included. So far this setup has produced 14 ounces in the last 3 months. The addition of A/C over summer has...
  9. Project Kubus

    Grow Room My Smart Micro Grow Box: 2016 update

    Hi all, In 2015 I posted that after 10 years I was looking to get back in the game with some autofem's (thread link). Things have been moving quite slowly as trying to jam a grow room in a tiny box has quite a number of challenges, but we are getting closer to an actual product. What we set up...
  10. SpaghettiSauce

    Grow Room Micro Grow à la Spaghetti Sauce

    Hello AFN! Thank you for the warm welcomes. This community is without a doubt my number one choice to start my journal. I'm 28 yrs old living in Florida, USA. Working on my first "stealth grow." I will be asking lots of questions and looking for opinions here for the next few months as I start...
  11. Greensleeves

    Live Stoners G'day AFN Community

    Sup guys. I thought it was about time to introduce my self. So I said to my self. Self. I have been soaking up a lot of info for a few months, and all with out contributing at all to the community. Not cool. So here I am, a little late to the party, but as usual I'll be the last one...
  12. Fuggzy

    New Grower How to discuss the shipment of your seeds. Safely.

    Hi guys, I hope your all having a great day. From time to time I see a new grower give a full description of how their seed are shipped. Although this may seem rather harmless, it's not, and creates problems for the masses. By giving a full description of what they where in, or how they where...
  13. C

    Indoor Building 3 plant box for the first time, need some help :)

    hi all, I'm planing to build small, 3 plant, box! I have a peace of furniture 110x60x30cm 10x25cm carbon filter with built in turbine at the top HPS Light 400w small rotating fan and just a couple of holes at the bottom (no in-take fan) do you think this will fit in 110x60x30cm box? do you...
  14. DazedAndStoned

    Indoor DazedAndStoned's Stealth Grow Chronicles

    Hey guys I am new to AFN, been lurking a while and thought I'd finally join up and share what I've been up to. I've been growing our favorite herb for around a year and a half now, and have come along ways from when I have first begun- switching my growing methods, mediums, and strains to find...