think big

  1. jigz

    New Grower THINK BIG AUTO - Loosing my virginity

    Hi everybody. I’ve been stalking you guys for quite some time and I finally decided it was time I tried my hand at a auto grow. I have been constantly reading grow journals and tips and tricks and to be honest my head is hurting. So much to learn and so many contradictions. Anyway, I’m currently...
  2. NorwegianGrower

    Dutch Passion 3 DP XXL Strains VS 2000 WATT Chinese LED from Ebay

    Strains: - Auto Ultimate (XXL) - Auto Glueberry OG (XXL) - Think Big (XXL) Imagine that! I`m ready for my first growth of the Dutch Passion beasts, and while doing this, I wanted to give the "cheap" Chinese 2000 Watt LED a proper test run - all documented here! As we all know, the "cheap"...
  3. mintberrycrunch

    Indoor One Tent to Rule Them All ~Shablagoo!~

    What uppppp AFN So I've got about a dozen grows under my belt now. Started in CFL's- moved to mars hydro LED's, considered HPS, but am now going with @BigSm0 's killer AutoCob's. Currently purchasing all my hardware for a tent that's finally done the right way. Previously I ran 2x 150w mars...
  4. BillyWu

    Dutch Passion Billy Wu - Think Big w/DWC, CO2, HPS & LED

    Hello folks, it's me (yet again)! After packing away growing for over a year, things have settled down. For those of you who don't know me, I was once featured on the Dutch Passion blog for the first ever plant I grew (which was a Think Different in soil, 156g yield), and I've also been...
  5. Grim Reefer

    Dutch Passion HS1 - Think Big - 55L DWC

    Hello and welcome, First off i would like to give a big shout out to Dutch Passion Tony for sending me these test seeds free of charge. Il be starting this seedling under one of Grow Northern's HS1 LED with three extra units to be added later. The seedling, after propagation will be transplanted...
  6. C

    Dutch Passion The CannaDrama Tabernacle: 4 X Think Big in Autopots with Air Injection

    It time, time to start Thinking Big........ Grow Tec 25 L Autopots with airdome 2 x Atami Lightmix and 2 x Coco(un-fertilized) with 25 % perlite 2 x HS1 for vegging and a top dressing of Marshydro style LED's when the going gets serious Nutes and additives to be decided Bio Nova Microlife...