1. pop22

    Pop22's Vape AdventuresI guess this is a combination

    I guess this is a combination rant, commentary and mini review. I/we are avid vaping enthusiasts. We still smoke but not often maybe a couple times a week. We just enough vaping more. We on mostly use dry herb vapes, I have a pen that can do hash. We don't use vape juice, we feel it's too much...
  2. elcoloan

    Harvest & Curing Advice About Drying For Vaporizer Use, Please

    What drying and curing steps should i take for a harvest meant to be consumed in a vaporizer only? All the same as with weed for smoking? I don't care for white, thick, milky clouds as most... just flavor and effects.
  3. Dr Fluff

    Old Reviews Dyanvap - All Things Dynavap

    This thread is for "All Things Dynavap", so whether it be the original Vap cap, Vongs, M Series, Omni's, Dyna Coils, Stainless Steel, Titanium or third party additions, please share your knowledge with us here.:d5: Handy hints and tips,Advice on cleaning,Care of wooden Vong bodies, New ways of...
  4. pop22

    Old Reviews Vap Cap! Something a Little Different! is my favorite vape vendor. Got an email coupon for a discount on a Vap Cap by Dynavap! Dynavap makes several variations of this device, mine is the base model/original Vap Cap2. Vap Cap is a tiny vaporizer, not much bigger than a one hitter! Mine consists of 2 glass tubes...
  5. K

    Old Reviews My Vape collection! What are you packin?

    I am kinda new to vaping, I had to make the switch because of health issues. I tried edibles but I could not properly dose my self,so I finally broke out the Zipp dry herb pen and much to my surprise I loved it and it led me to start a collection. We have a Fire Fly 2(FireFly), The Mighty (Storz...
  6. forestly

    Old Reviews Vaping dabs (rosin tech)

    Hello green brothers and sisters around the world, help a friendly stoner out. I don`t smoke - i vape (use Volcano) but now i have access to dabs and to be really honest i am not sure the Volcano would be the smartest way to use dabs. If anyone has any suggestions which systems/rigs to use...
  7. K

    Old Reviews The Plenty from Storz & Bickel DeskTop Vape and Randy's Zipp Portable Vape

    Well, I have had some issues lately on January 1st of 2017 my lung collapsed, I have a genetic thing I am tall and thin and my lungs are unusually long which cause these air sacks called blebs to form... I knew nothing of this until this happened. Well that night a big bleb on the upper left...
  8. pop22

    Old Reviews Focusvape Pro Real BANG For Your Buck!

    Focusvape Pro I recently bought and posted a review of the Focusvape standard model, a damn fine vape in my book, especially at a retail price of $119.00. I planned to replace my DaVinci Ascent but the deal fell through and I didn't have $199 to spend. I Decided to look for the Focusvape Pro a...
  9. N

    Live Stoners Questions about vaping

    Hello fellow smokers and growers! Im a long time (twenty years) cigarette smoker from europe. Weed is expensive here and we mix it with tobacco to make joints. Ive basically been smoking a pack a day and another two or three unfiltered cigs to boot in my reefer. Horrible. So after a spate of...
  10. Anthropolis

    Old Reviews Review: Pulsar APX, Portable, True Vape, $60!

    Greetings friends, Anthro here again with a review of the Pulsar APX portable vaporizer. It's a fairly great little unit, is indeed a true vaporizer, comes in a nice kit, and has a retail price of $60. [Disclosure: as a member of the test team, it would be good etiquette to state that this is...
  11. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Review of MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

    MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer - A Review First impression: MIGO 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer is made of stainless steel. It seems durable and of good quality. Well built, elegant and practical design. The dry herb coil is a spiral surrounded of a ceramic insulator. The wax coil is...
  12. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Getting a vaporizer

    Tomorrow I can pick up mu Migo 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer. That will be interesting. Should I consider "commersial" hash dry or wet? My herbs is not ready yet.
  13. K

    Old Reviews AtmosRx Dry Herb Vape Pen

    I just wanted to give this pen a quick rating and review, I have never vaped before and I really do not know if this is a true vape pen or if it is just flameless either way it is pretty damn handy and will get you fried. I mostly smoke bongs but when kids are not at school I have to be kinda...
  14. lazylathe

    Old Reviews The Lotus Vaporizer

    Hello All! Since i had to give up growing i don`t really come on here and post anymore. Always poking around and seeing what everyone is doing though! Still an awesome community! And i miss growing so badly... I wanted to share my new vaporizer with you! I have owned the Lotus for about a month...