Mephisto Genetics 1 Pot: Sour Crinkle VS Sour Stomper?


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Oct 13, 2020
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Hey all,

I am planning my next run. I had Sour Stomper picked out for my Mephisto spot and was excited to see how it goes. Recently I have seen a smoke report for Sour Crinkle and went to Grow Diaries and have seen more examples. So now I am questioning who gets to go first. So I figure someone here as surely grown both and can give me their first hand opinion. Or even one of the two and how it went.

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I've grown both and it's hard to pick between the two. I love Sour Crinkle and am growing a second one in my current batch of plants but I would have to go with Sour Stomper. Stomper's terpene content makes it a beautiful smoke and results in a great daytime high. It's a slightly larger plant so the yield should be better and is easy as hell to grow. Stomper is a real classic. Either way both are great but I would start with Sour Stomper.
Either way both are great but I would start with Sour Stomper.

Thank you!! Out of curiosity, what's your favorite auto strain? Thanks again!
I say sour stomper. One of my and my girls favorite. The smell is unique and the high is very nice. You will like both plants I'm sure. But of the 2 that's my pick. Favorite strains change so much but, white crack, and 4 assed monkey are up there. Been going through rocbudinc gear and really like grape mints.
I'll let you know after I've grown then all.
That is my goal too its just order they get grown with my limit capacity that plagues my thoughts up till day they seed goes in water lol
I vacillate over my germination choices for a month before planting too.
I'm on day 24 of current grow about 45-50 days from soaking seeds. The list changes often. Even today I had major shake ups . But the Sour Stomper is going to stay.