12 hour flip in a cardboard box?

Clem Fandango

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Apr 15, 2021
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Soo, I've got a photo in a tent with two Autos that are taking a bit longer to reach retirement age than I'd planned. The photo is a bit pushy and I've LST'd it to keep it behaving.

The autos have (probably) a good 3 weeks to go and I am not sure letting the photo veg out for another 3 weeks would be a great idea.

Here's pics from this morning.



My question to the brains trust is,
Should I
Option 1 ; just keep vegging it until autos are done and evicted?
Option 2 ; flip it, for the three week auto eviction time needed, in a big cardboard box. Obviously the box for the 12 dark hours then back in the tent for light?

Once the autos are out then obviously I could do away with the box.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

sounds like a plan for the short term, might work.
The "might" worries me ;). Any plant or plan destroying issues that I could face?

I can't really think of any but that doesn't mean much.
cut out bottom of box bigger than you'll need at the end of the 3 week period, seal up the top real good with duct tape, use a blackout curtain over box when it's in place.....
It should work. Along time ago I I used black trash bag over the plant with 3 sticks so the bag didn't touch the plant.. that was a outdoors grow
I have just finished doing exactly this. I just put a big box over it for 12 hours until I harvested it. Worked a treat.