1st time grower with noob issues haha


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Jul 5, 2017
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What's up guys?? not sure this is in the right place but here goes.......im a 1st time auto grower and I'm growing 5 heavyweight fast n vasts.
Planted last Friday and only 1 has popped. Things seem to be moving very slowly, debating pulling the seeds and starting over :(
I soaked them in a glass of water for about 18 hours til they sank, then I placed in a paper towel for about 24 hours.

They were all popped but barely showing any root, anyway being the inpatient person i am .........i planted them anyway and stuck them straight under my 600w hps which I have up around 5 feet.

Only 1 of the seeds has sprouted and I'm wondering if I should've left them in the dark or in the paper towel longer.
Is it worth me continuing or should I start again??
I'd give them some more time if it was me.:pass:
You can always dig around a little and see what's going on in the soil. They could need a little help.. Once the seed is in the soil it doesnt need much light until it sprouts. Even after it sprouts 600w is a little much for seedlings. If they've been in soil for a week and you see no signs of them breaking the surface.. Id do a little digging and have a look! Welcome to AFN!!
hey buddy welcome to afn! ive seen many wierd and wonderful ways of germing seeds. im 7/7 like this so far. 2 of them being notoriously hard to germinate chilli seeds.
just get a root riot (tenner for 20odd from amazon) . put seed in about 25ml deep pointed side up. put a glass over it and leave it wherever the hell you want as long as its vaguely warm. 2-3 days and oila. dont even have to water them or anything. keep it simple man. cant get any easier than that : ) if you go to the new growers section its about 3 quarters down the forum list, beside indoor and outdoor sections and set up a journal there dude. oh and aye that light is pretty extreme lol. id maybe look into something smaller like a cfl. i just used a 130w cfl and it got me amazing growth from day 1-14 then turned on the big lights. can knock a fortnight of the next grow with it too : ) worthwhile investment like. fuck im hyper tonight lol. cant stop myself haha happy growing dude. if you need anything else just tag me @EvilScotsman or any other staff and well point you in the right direction : )
Welcome pal, I don't know what to say......maybe put 'em back in paper towel ? I dunno, I think you were a bit hasty. You could start again or just ride it out.
Whatever, do your research and relax and enjoy your growing my friend...............eP.
Hey :) I planted 3 auto amnesia 3 days ago and they're all about an inch tall. I germinated them in a wet paper towel inside a ziploc, with the bag open, for about 36 hrs until they all had their little tails. I planted them thurs night inside some seed starter inside a pot of fox farm ocean forest. This is the start of my 2nd grow of autos. I'm 5 weeks into growing 5 mango autos. My tallest plant has reached 25" as of this morning. Awesome buds starting everywhere, its amazing :)


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Welcome to AFN just make sure the soil is damp not wet and wait a bit. But if you must look be aware not to hurt the tap root.

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Still no action guys :( had a little bit of a dig around but nothing!! Started germinating a couple more about 36 hours ago and they've barely starting showing any signs of a tap root yet! Is that a good sign or have I gotten myself some bad genetics??