9 week autoflower slowed flower

Jul 12, 2021
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Hey, first grow and using fastbuds girl scout cookies auto in soil. She kind of just started budding then went into stretch mode and the buds haven't really gotten any bigger. Exactly 9 weeks from seedling. Lights are 18/6 couple of mars hydros t1000s. My run off PH was 4.5 so I did a flush yesterday. Even with the low PH there are no signs of anything wrong looking at the leaves and she's appears pretty healthy. I've got her and another 9 weeks old doing the same thing and 2 more GSO autos by fastbuds at 4 weeks I don't want to this happen to so would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
You could decrease the lights to 12 hours a day and that should make the plant kick into growing more flowers. You are only a little over 2 months of growing so you have time.
I definitely would get the pH up into the 6 range. What is the pH of your water?
And also look into increasing the potassium and potash and decreasing the nitrogen. Are you using any bloom nutes?
Water is 7.0 and using the fox farms big bloom and tiger bloom, or was before I flushed. It drops the ph so I stopped for now.
A tablespoon of unsulphered molasses in a gallon of water may help as well. It will feed the bacteria, fungus, and other critters so they will process the nutrients in the soil more rapidly. I apply it once a week during flower.