A question about what I am doing wrong?


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Sep 24, 2017
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These ladies in question are lsd-25 both are from seedman seed bank.
My ladies are skinny and kind of tall, almost like they are stretching?
This is my first grow ever, I'm using 2 6700 cfl and 2 2700 cfl lights they are less the a foot above the plants. 20170924_180701_HDR.jpg 20170924_180654_HDR.jpg
Not sure exactly, but I do think cfl are suppose to be within a couple inches. I have never grown with cfl's hopefully others will chime in.:cheers:
I did have them under an led/cfl light combo, but I gave that setup away so now I just have my cfls now.
I just had to harvest an LSD 25 with about 30 days left in the flowering stage after Hurricane Irma blue through Florida and I lost power for more than 10 days. They were ebb and flow Hydro grown under LEDs and was a SCROG grow. Ended up having 42 individual colas growing on this girl. She stretched out a bit like yours did in the beginning but then the growth just massively caught up within 3 weeks I had the scrog net up and she was budding. And what I managed to salvage is some really excellent smoke even for its 30-day immaturity. Be patient and it will take care of itself.

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Thank you both! I was hoping I was just over reacting . First grow jitters.
Should be just a couple inches away. 6700s for grow/veg.
Thank youall for the replies and the advice! Thanks for the welcome too!
I havlowered the lights and swapped one of the 2700 outfor a 6700.
Unfortunately due to moving soon I have no more funds left for equipment for next month, so when I can I will be getting more lights and a tent.
Cool man. I got great results using 2700k and 5700k cobs simultaneously, should be good

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