A yellow start

Jan 23, 2021
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I just started this grow about three weeks ago and I’m starting to see some issues with my plant but am a newer grower so I’m not to the point where I can identify the issue and fix it but I’m learning! If anyone has any recommendations I’d appreciate it! Growing in 5gal dwc, using Canna nutrients, keeping my ph at 5.5. 20 hours of light, 4 off. This is Green Crack by Fast buds.


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What type of light and how close is it? Are you giving her full dose of nutes?
What is full dose of nutes, are you going by what the bottle says or a specific feeding chart?
What do your roots look? Are you using hydrogaurd or something similar or a sterile reservoir?
Running SF1000 at 30%, 30” away from the plants, and yea a full dose of nutes.
You need to crank up your light to at least 75 % and lower it some.
What kind of pH meter are you using? I'd be iffy running at 5.5 as you don't leave yourself much room for error if your pen is reading high. Might be safer to marginally increase your pH a bit. Maybe 5.8ish? I'm not very familiar with Hydro so take this with a grain of salt.

Also, are you looking at the ppm of your nutrient solution? Your plants looks hungry, but if you're using full strength nutrients, I'd expect it to be a lot darker. Perhaps your pH is off and it's not absorbing nutrients properly?

Also, it looks a little stretchy so you might need to crank up your light a bit.

Aim for pH 6 especially in a DWC the reservoir can easily jump .5pH overnight, I would also ditch the pH meter and use indicator drops, https://www.autoflower.org/ubs/shal...indicator-drops-are-better-than-ph-meter.904/

btw that's not a yellow start, this is a yellow start.y - 1.jpeg I think it's a mutation of some sort.

Also it might benefit you to check out my shallow water culture explanation which might give you some ideas. I'd also dump the Rockwool and go for something like an eazyplug.