Auto Livers

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Sep 17, 2013
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SeedBank :

(Name) Mephisto

Strain:Auto Livers


Did it autoflower?: (Y/N) Yes it did


(Description) Living organics.Bio tabs and a very mild mix of 2.1 recipe

Nutes:pK boosters and teas.the bio tabs line


Light (kind and schedule):18-6 LED and COB mix


From seed to harvest date: __days I never count. in roughly 60 some odd days.

Dry Yield: _g see pictures

High/Effect Duration: roughly an hour n a half to two hours of medication time.

(Description) the effects are similar to most others in that it gives a nice uplifting feeling and helps some with pain and provides an overall good mood. its a nice hybrid med no doubt

RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great

BAG APPEAL: you tell me.. 4-5 stars. frost nuggets ,sooooo

--(Description) smaller nugs,nice in structure and smell.

THE GROWTH:was fair could have been better but worked well.nice aggression and flower size throughout.fair stretch


THE SMELL:the smell was a sweet liver smell like it tasted.


THE SMOKE:the smoke was a liver smell if broke open. but the initial stinky was a sweet hit then mellowed into a nice smooth stench of liver STANK! so it was a really nice mix of the two imo. more a Livers smoke over a stilton swet as it were but a sweet draw and profile all the same very morphs after the onset of the hit and exhale. nice smooth livers.


THE HIGH:some nice ease on the muscles and mild pain relief but a good high for day imo. evening possibly as well for the lighter user but overall an excellent starter smoke or for a more experienced hand.

the pictures are from about the start to almost the end in this thread. my PC crash a cpl times not long ago and lost a ton of pics as far as the growth goes but the final pics and stuff are all there with weights and so on. so 14 has weights and trimming pics and prior is the grows and pre harvest shots and growth shots.