AutoMazar @10w - yellow leaves

Apr 29, 2021
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Hi folks,

I’ve an AutoMazar at 10 weeks and today a couple of leaves started to go bright yellow. They were fine this morning. My gut feeling is that BioGrow has saturated the soil with N and it’s blocking P uptake but that’s just from searching around.

Soil: Light mix
Pot: 8l fabric
Nutes: 3m/L BioGrow, 3m/L BioBloom
Water: 2L every 36-48h
Wet to Dry cycling
Water pH 6.8-7
pH with nutes: 5.9
EC 2.1 before watering.
Lights: 120W Migro array 2 - full spectrum LED

Not been able to capture any runoff as I’m limited in my space but will start to try.

This grow had a similar nute lockout just as stretching was happening, but I didn’t even think to lower the BG after a flush.

Thinking flush, then dial back the BG?


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Just an additional note, the new growth coming out from the bud is all fine, not showing any issues.
@BlazedAlien :welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome: You should be running Bio Bizz Light mix at 6.3 PH and autos do not like that high of an EC. Not counting your starting water 1.1EC is all you need.

What you need to learn about watering will come with practice. Here are the basic rules: Never let the soil dry out. Soil and or coco can become hydrophobic if allowed to dry. This means it repels water. This in turn will create dry pockets in the soil and roots there will die. If your soil - coco have accidentally dried out use a surfactant to help re-wet it. I like yucca powder. Don't let soil remain soggy by watering too much too often. Root rot, damping off, molds, fungus gnats and other problems start in soggy soil. When you do water water the entire pot. How to learn when to water starts before you plant the seed. Fill your container with fresh soil/coco and weigh it (heft it) this is the lightest weight and consider it a dry pot. Now slowly water until the soil/coco will no longer absorb the water and run-off begins; weigh the pot (heft it) this is the maximum water, the wettest the pot can get. The difference between wettest and driest is the maximum water weight, for ease of explanation lets just say the water weighs 20 pounds. When the pot loses 10 pounds (half of the water weight) it is time to water again. There is an art to watering.
Thanks for the welcome and the advice!

I had no idea about the dry pockets forming in the soil, nor that autos needed a lower EC. I’ll keep an eye on this. That being said, it does hold its water well. Weight is the main way I tell when to water but I’ve been letting it lose 90% rather than 50!