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Sep 19, 2016
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I wanted to ask what it takes to get good yields? without high price cost. I think kindsoil is one option. can you advise on other ways? I have cob lights,roottraper2 5gal. containers. but need advise.on what to use.low cost. thanks
Coco or water.
I never understood water only. I just seen misting only is the new way corp. growers.are using. I need advise on what works best at low cost. or even KIS soils. bio tabs,all are water only systems and the first two are cheap and in the US. bio tabs is good but across the pond.but tlosoils is about 20 bucks for roughly 22 gallons. the KIS is 50 free shipping too and makes 35 gallons all water only system its a litle more potent and longer thats your best deal.50 USD free shipping and make that from the raw materials
Perlite is cheap... You could do a perlite hempy. It's really easy.. Just water it once a day. What I've noticed is healthier plants that are very bushy nd have thick stalks.

I was nervous to try out hempy, as a soil grower, but I wouldn't go back to soil now. This is so easy and rules out any variables such as soil PH etc..