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Jul 26, 2017
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What's up everyone?! Super excited to finally be posting about grows instead of just reading ha!

Nevertheless, it's day 26 for my Blue Mystic auto from Nirvana. I'm quite late to the journal but I don't wanna mess up the flowering part lol

more pics to come!

PS. She needs water, hence the droop

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hey buddy congrats on your first journal, shes lookin sweet so far. for day 26 shes actually looking about as sweet as ive ever seen. is this your first grow?
Blue Mystic Update

So like I mentioned, this is my first grow. All of the equipment and seeds ran me about $350. Everything was from Amazon except the seeds obviously.

[emoji830]️2x2x4 grow tent
[emoji830]️Smart fabric pot
[emoji830]️2 x 6" fans
[emoji830]️25ft ducting
[emoji830]️3 5kg Coco noir bricks
[emoji830]️8 quart bag of perlite
[emoji830]️8 x 23 watt cfls (6500k)
[emoji830]️2 x 26 watt cfls (2700k)
[emoji830]️3 x 45 watt cfls (2700k supplement flowering)
[emoji830]️Fox farms nute trio
[emoji830]️Ona gel

This is a pretty cheap setup but for the sake of space it was necessary. Moving on...

Germinated 1 seed by soaking for 24 hours after which I moved to a wet paper towel. I set the paper towel on a plate which was on top of a heated blanket to help with humidity. Worked really well bc 24 hours after that, the seed grew a Taproot (~1cm long). Once Taproot formed, I planted directly into 3 gallons fabric pot filled with Coco and perlite. (Might have put too much perlite but seems to be ok)

Fed the seedling 1/4 strength nutes every other watering. Added calmag every watering. Plant grew pretty slowly the first and second week however towards the end of week two she started drinking about a quart every other day. Sorry about the lack of pics for the seedling!

End of week 3:
Fast forward to today, I'm at the last day of week 3. She showed first signs of flowering!! And she smells fantastic when I rub the stem. Nutes are at 1/2 strength, thinking of bumping to full strength but not sure when..(suggestions?) Haven't started with the tiger bloom yet..was gonna let the veg go into week 4 and start it a little after that. At the beginning of week 3, I was able to do a little lst. It was intimating at first bc I didn't want to break a stem but I was able to tie a few down. She recovered in a few hours. The main stem I did not touch. Again, I was afraid of breaking it especially since it was becoming more stiff.

Anyways, she's just chilling now. Added a few more cfls ( total wattage = ~200W -->5 @ 23W(6500k), 2 @ 23W(2700k) , 2 @ 45W (2700k)). In total, I'm looking at about 14000 lum. Cfls are about 2-3inches from plant top. Running into slight heat issues every since I added the 2 additional veg cfls. Thinking about a 6" inline fan (250cfm). Also plan on upping the amount of water. She may need close to 1/2 gallon every other day.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!! This has been a very fun project so far and I do not want to mess up lol can't wait to see what happens in the coming weeks!


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Hey bro

Looking real healthy there. Since you're running CFLs I wouldn't worry about trying to get to the full strength on your foxfarm schedule. Down the road if you get yourself some HIDs or powerful LEDs then your plant will have a metabolism fast enough to take a full nutrients, but I don't think you're going to get there with those CFLs.

It sounds like you may be watering with straight water one day one time and then the next time you're putting in a nutrient solution? If that's the case and you really are in Coco perlite mix you're going to have to have nutrients in every watering. Coco has some real problems retaining some minerals and it's best to have minerals in every watering.

A 6in fan and filter sounds very good it depends on how much light you want in the future. For instance if you decide you want to grow with 600 watts of hid or thousand watts of hid a 6 inch fan would be great in most environments for a 600 watts but a little light for a thousand Watts. If you happen to go with a quality LED say 300 watts in a 6 inch would be excellent it'll give you complete control of your environment. You want to have a high low fan speed controller. And make sure you buy a fan that can be controlled with a speed controller some of them won't let you turn them down lower than about 40%and that's not quite low enough for me I like to get down to 30%.

If you want to promote your Journal a little bit you can pop into live Stoners discussion. It's usually right up towards the top of the unread posts, and you can put up a link to your Journal.
I got to thinking, if you're alternating straight water and the nutrients solution. Then depending upon how you water you may need to make some adjustments if you go nutrient solution in every watering. For instance in Coco you always want to have about 15% runoff that's extra water running out the bottom that the plant doesn't reabsorb. That keeps you from building up mineral salts in the Coco and causing lockouts and other problems. But if you're not watering to run off, you may actually be clearing the salt out Simply by having that day of freshwater. I personally wouldn't do it that way but it may actually work for you if that's what you're up too.
One cobshop l.e.d. would eliminate the need for those cfls. Perfect for the dimensions you mentioned. I know the struggle, I started out CFL. Medicine is the goal.
Thanks for the suggestions jingo.

Yeah I plan on going the led route in the future. My space is way too small for hid. But I did want to chat about nutes though...I've been giving PHd nutrient water every other day (1/4 gallon H2O, 2ml calmag, 2tsp big bloom and 4 ml grow big since week 2.5)...the other days she's getting PHd water/calmag (1/4 gallon, 2ml calmag)...pH has maintain in the 5.3-6.1 range. Not sure when to start tiger bloom though? I wanted to push veg another week with grow big before I move over to tiger... suggestions?

I def get less than 15% runoff...should I use more water? I've noticed she's drinking a ton now too (Week 4 starts Saturday) Might have to water every day.


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