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Jun 18, 2020
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Hey Growmies,

Call me lucky Bob from now on, because I'm one of the lucky one's who can test out DP's Auto Mokum's Tulip :woohoo:
Just before midday the seeds arrived by courier post and of course I had to share this with the nice folks on AFN.

I immediately got to work and prepped a 10 gallon fabric pot with the remaining coco I had. My coco reserve has completely ran dry and because of that I couldn't fill the pot to the level I had in mind, but I think there is enough for a nice rootball... I slowly flushed the coco with 20L of the two-part MC recipe for seedling to VEG and then let it rest for a couple of hours. Immediately after I was done with work I went back to the greenhouse and again ran the same nutrient mix, 10L this time, through the pot just to make sure everything was wet enough and I didn't have dry spots in the coco. Btw, the color and texture difference between new and old coco is remarkable. I'll try not to forget and show you guys next time.

Seed planted :greenthumb:

Before I left this youngling I placed a beaker I had laying around on top of the coco and wished her goodnight :bighug:


I'm sticking around
Sorry guys. No update as of yet... The waiting game is still on :baby:
Day 1:

This little מקום Tulip has popped out of the ground. Guess she feels safe in her new surroundings :karmacloud:


Day 3:

Day three today and nothing has changed that much. I removed the beaker so she can breath and start to photosynthesize...
Also the Dutch Passion Grow&Show thread has opened so made these pictures especially for over there, but of course I had to show them here as well ;)



Oh yeah...almost forgot. I named this one Allif as she's from Amsterdam :cheers:


Day 6:

It was a "relative" cold and wet weekend, but that's ok for this little lady, as long as she's getting enough light a day she can do her thing underground.
The last days I gave her a feeding early in the morning. pH 5.85 EC 380ppm ish. It was the two-part MC late veg / early bloom, but watered down too 350ppm. The remainder must have come from the Sulfuric acid I needed to add to lower the pH to 5.85

Day 7:

One week old she is. Little Allif is going through her paces isn't she?
There is activity above ground, but still the majority is happening below the surface.
The nutrients she receives are still the diluted Late Veg / Early Bloom recipe from MC, but as soon as I harvest the Amnesia Haze this lady will get her own tank all for herself :stir:




Day 11:

As I already mentioned I was to 'tired' to continue with my Friday postings yesterday. So let's continue today :coffee2:

Yesterday morning I gave the plants the last remainder of the tank before I cleaned it out and refilled with the two-part MC Seedling / Veg recipe. pH was at 6.1 EC at 350 ppm.

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 10

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 10

Yesterday Allif, as her sisters, got a good soaking of the Rot Block which @Phyter was so nice as to provide a generous sample of. Today you hardly notice anything of that except for the small white dots which are residue, but don't harm the plant. A light touch or blow over the leaf removes them completely...
I also gave her 5L of the nutrient solution I made yesterday after I pH'ed it back to 6.1. This was way more then see needed, but I wanted to expand the wet spot in the medium as to provide more real-estate for the roots.

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 11

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 11

Well...That's it for today :pass:
Have a nice weekend!!

Day 13:

It's a nice day outside and with the windows open in the greenhouse there's a nice breeze which tempers the climate inside. There was still enough nutrient solution in the tank present so I only needed to adjust the pH a bit and diluted it a bit so the ppm stays nice and low. 5.95 pH and 350 ppm is more then enough for this little Tulip at the moment. I'm checking the leaves every day for decolorization and this seems to be paying off. The plants are as healthy as a horse! :woohoo1:

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 12

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 12

Auto Mokum's Tulip - Day 13