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Apr 1, 2017
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This is my second grow with all of the same gear as my first grow.

You all know what trials and tribulations can befall you when you are just starting out. It is ok to fail as long as you are willing to learn and not repeat the same stupid mistakes, well too many times that is.

My first grow was anything but stellar. It was more red giants and novas but without the light show. The errors were all mine. It was not the gear or the beans, believe me. I pick out a wonderful array of top notch supplies, suppliers and products. It was all mea culpa. I just did not know how to make them all work together. Boy, did I stink it up. That is in the past and though I am more than a bit humbled by my first efforts I am back in the Med Tent ready to continue.

As I stated before I am very lucky to have found this group of loving and caring growers. They offer what can not be found anywhere else on line and that is friendship, advice and encouragement. I recently read a post by @trailanimal where he said ..."I learned a while back not to compare myself to 912 or Hans, life is so much easier now, lol." thank you I needed those pearls of wisdom. All we can do is be the best growers we can be. Period !

So here is the gear....

1.The light is a ChilLED 400 watt commercial. It was hand built by GrowMau5 and created by Vitaly. They are two great people. This light is plain out super. I will also use the additional controller that I bought that controls the light. It will be fantastic.
Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 28.5 x 10 in



2.The tent is a 5 x 5 x 7 from La Garden. It was easy to set up and is holding up all of my gear. It will be vented to outside the utility room, 18' x 8'. I will use a 6" fan and filter.

3. The system will be AutoPots. I will be using ea 3.9 gallon and 2ea 2.2 gallon.

4. I am using Roots Organics 5KG compressed Coco. It was not too bad to uncompress.
I am also now using Root Riot to start my seeds. I put in a seed point up and then I plant it right in the coco. I cover it with a glass. I place it in the med tent and protect it from direct light.

5. I will, to the best I can, follow the feed schedule of Hansbricks. I also am using a bit of the 1/4" plastic tubing do do my watering. I mix the nutes and siphon them off into the coco. It comes out a bit slow BUT it is applied where I want it without disturbing the coco. I saw that some were using a solo cup with the end cut off. Then it is placed in the coco for the initial set up and the Root Riot is played in there. This accomplishes two things. First the water stays close to the stem and goes straighter down. Second the roots do not spread out as far. They can only go as far as the side of the solo. This also help with getting the roots DOWN quicker. So I have tried it on the Royal Queen Northern lights

6. I will use AN Nutes. I will not supplement with any CO2.

7. The strain will be 1 auto Blackberry Kush and 1 auto Ultimate from Dutch Passion. 1 auto Northern lights and 1 auto Quick One from Royal Queen.
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growing is like riding a bike,easy once you learn.
but that dosnt mean you wont fall off now and again,just dont go over the handlebars and youl be ok.
good luck n keep er lit
growing is like riding a bike,easy once you learn.
but that dosnt mean you wont fall off now and again,just dont go over the handlebars and youl be ok.
good luck n keep er lit

So true @archie gemmill so true. I will be building this for the next Hour or so. Glad you tripped on by. :cooldance:
Today is Oct 13, 2017

I have planted 4 seed but not at the same time.

On Sept. 22, 2017 I planted Royal Queen Quick One..AK Quick. She is now 21 days old. I pre-treat all of the pots with 1.5 Liters water for the 3.9 gal pot and one Liter water for the 2.2 gal pots. I pre-treat with 2ml/L Voodoo Juice and 1ml/LCal/Mg. The Coco is PH balanced to 5.8 PH. I used distilled water.

Here is Quick today. The black tube is for the air lines for the air domes. The end is capped off.

1 Quick.jpg

2 quick.jpg

3 quick.jpg

These are pics of the Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush aka Ruby. She is 8 days old. She is showing her blackberry markings. Sweet... I am now using RO water for all of the ladies. After testing the water here by Home Depot I understood how BAD the water is here. The RO is just hooked up to the main kitchen sink.

1 Ruby.jpg

2 Ruby.jpg

Here are two pics of Dutch Passion Ultimate aka Ute. She too is 8 days old

1 Ute.jpg

2 Ute.jpg

I also have 1 Royal Queen Northern Lights that I am waiting to pop up her head.