Crazy Pollination event

Jan 30, 2021
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Ok.. so I found 4 seeds so far in my Girl Scout Cookies auto from Nirvana. I harvested 3 ladies over the last week. Also in my photo room I am seeing a few seeded buds in different strains I have growing. Now here is the interesting part. I culled a couple male plants 45 days ago. Well one of them is still alive outside of my house. I am quite sure that a bumble bee has gotten into both of my gardens and pollinated my plants. Crazy!!


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Isolation distance in Canada is 5 kilometers due to Cannabis pollen being carried very easily by the wind. Wind may have been your culprit.
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Do you have a Central HVAC? They can pull pollen in where as a Ductless mini-split recycles inside air.
Cannabis is wind pollinated, pollinators have next to nothing to do with it. Pollen can drift for miles, making it into your house is just a skip and a hop for it. Could have drifted in, hitched a ride on clothing, ect.

If you want to prevent your males from pollinating your females, kill them well before the pistillate flowers show on your females.

If I have a male pop flowers in the grow space I wipe everything down with a wet paper towel to deal with the pollen. It can linger.

Last year I killed my males well before the outdoor plants were flowering, but one of the neighbors must have had a male as I ended up with a sparse smattering of beans in the bud. They're good at surviving!