Defoliating/Pruning: How much is too much?


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Dec 20, 2016
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Hey Forum :toke:

This is my 3rd Grow.
Growing out 2 Dutch Passion seeds, AutoGlueberry O.G. and AutoColorado Cookies. Using BioCANNA Soil and Nutrients under the MarsHydro Reflector 96 with an 18/6 cycle.

Both plants are phasing into bloom now and I decided they needed some pruning. As I was doing it I started to realize that I could cut off a lot if I really just want to leave the main bud sites untouched. So I wondered, how much is too much? I figured it depends on the response and general health of your plant for the most part.

However, are there any general guidelines? For example, I've been cutting off pretty much all fan leaves on the main stem from the bottom up that seemed to only block buds. That's also basically my only rule, I'll cut off most of the leaves that are interfering with bud growth, even above the lower third of the plant.

Any and all input is appreciated as always!

Here are some pictures of the plants and pile of cut leaves.
IMG_0789.JPG IMG_0791.JPG
The best thing is to tuck any leaves that are shading buds out of the way but if this can't be done remove them.Your girls look just fine for now.
I always prune heavily myself. I take off all the big fan leaves that block light and any that I feel just don't need to be there. It does seem to shock it for a few hours or sometimes a day. I've always heard people saying don't do it but as far as my results I've been happy. I can't say really about harm though because I've never grown a plant that I didn't prune and trim up. I can't compare the difference until I grow one without pruning but me myself prefer for light to get all the way thru. I've learned also that by getting light all the way thru that it helps to dry the soil faster for more frequent feeding.

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Today is 30 days in flower.

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Leaves are solar panels for your plant. So trim them as little as you can to uncover bud sites.
2 weeks ago I trimmed 200g of leaves from plant which is in 1L pot. That's crazy amount of leaves. Then I've got troubles with her and she eats the remaining leaves. So now she's almost without leaves, in stress, and without solar panels and food which was stored in them. Learn by mistakes, they said.
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I know everyone has there own way of growing and that's just fine because when it comes down to it the best way is what works for you. It's trial and error and exactly learning from mistakes. I myself have never hurt my plants by trimming. But I only trim the big fan leaves blocking light. A good handful. I use to stay confused by all the different methods of growing. This person says this and that person something else. And nobody I've come across was wrong. It's all what works for you. One of my favorite go to guys for good info is Robert Bergman. He has a good article on trimming. I don't have the link handy but it's easy to find. I love to read what everyone says and take what I need and come up with my own way. Growing is a passion to me. I don't feel right if I don't have any plants growing. Lol

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