Different spots. Can’t identify if pest or deficiency.

Jul 27, 2021
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Hi all. Wondering how much I should worry about these spots a couple of my girls are showing. Here is the info.

Problem: light white spots on fan leafs, mostly older growth. Couple of bronze/brown spots too.

Medium/grow method: organic soil, bottom of pot FFOF and top of pot FFHF with a layer of Myco and dr earth homegrown

Feed: and supplements used: only have given Myco recharge once and the original layer of dr earth homegrown nothing else.

water source: tap ph 6.4-6.5

Strain/age: Auto Jack Herer 25 days and 19 days.

light used: plenty of sunlight

Climate: north east US. Temp has been steady between 70-85 tops in the last couple of weeks.

Additional info: have sprayed neem oil twice once a week and once with BT. Always at night. Don’t see much under the leafs.


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@pizzax1:welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome:. The black spot under the leaf looks like a bug but I cannot identify it from that picture. The yellow spots can be from sucking insects? It does not look too wide spread but keep an eye out for them bugs. BT is only good for caterpillars - worms that eat the leaves and needs to be applied in the evening when they are actively eating. I don't see any sign of that?

I am more concerned about your soil. The physics of how water moves through stratified soil dictates that when water meets a new strata the layer it is in must become saturated before it will move to the next layer. What can happen is the water never makes it to pockets in the soil and the microbes will die or go dormant without moisture. Roots will not grow into dry soil and the soil can become hydrophobic. Take a stick and poke some holes down to the bottom of the pot to help the water move through the layers.

Homogeneous soil is best. I know it sounds logical that the plant will grow roots into the different layers when the plant needs the nutrients but roots don't grow like that. A cannabis tap root can grow 9 inches in 3 days. So in a week the tap root can be at the bottom of the pot. If the tap root hits soil that is too hot (too much fertilizer) it can burn both the roots and the plant. The tap root may stop growing and the plant can be stunted.

I prefer Spinosad over Neem.

@Mañ'O'Green Thanks so much for the response. I went out and got some Spinosad and will try to spray it. I had the BT because one of my cucumbers got decimated by caterpillars so I'm trying to prevent anything from the start.

About the soil I have almost 1/3 of my soil mix as perlite so hopefully it's very aerated but nonetheless, I will make sure I get some holes so water has good penetration.
Thanks again.