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Jan 3, 2017
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SeedBank : Dutch Passion

Strain: Think Big

Did it autoflower?: Why yes, yes it did :)

Soil/hydro: Soil for entire grow, 60% Sungrow Myco, 20% worm castings, 20% vermiculite

Nutes: Botanicare Pro Bloom (3 weeks)

Light (kind and schedule): Outdoor sunshine

From seed to harvest date: 84 days

Dry Yield: ~= 390g

High/Effect Duration: Quick hitting, with a heavy body effect. Easy to go into a realm of thought and meditation - but just as good for focusing on a movie or chore around the house. Good, strong gear that was very easy to grow, yielded really well, and was a treat to trim. Large, hard buds that are deep with trichomes. This plant is a point and shoot.

All 4 that I put into a paper towel germinated, and grew quickly. A little slow in growth up front - they don't seem to like temp below 12C. After warmth and sun, they grew fast.

I saw 2 phenos, one more colourful than the other. Smoke is pretty much identical. Heavy fuel and fruit tones for taste. No harshness or cough tho - smooth as it comes. Hits easy, and I have to be careful to put a joint down. It's easy to puff away before realizing that you might have gone a little too far.... :eek:

BAG APPEAL: :astar::astar::astar::astar:

- Nice sized hard buds that breakup well. Not alot of stem material in upper buds.

THE GROWTH: :astar::astar::astar::astar:

Fast growth when higher temps came in. Plants fattened well 2/3 into grow

THE SMELL: :astar::astar::astar:

Not the strongest, hints of fuel tinged with just a hint of fruit.

THE SMOKE: :astar::astar::astar::astar:

Easy to smoke, tastes good, very much like a menthol effect overall.


Gotta go easy on the gas pedal with this, too much, and you'll wake up in the morning with an empty icebox, and a need for a couple of strong coffees.

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Mate those plants look amazing in your journal. Congratulations dude that's a super decent harvest. Lovely looking plants/buds, especially for outdoor grown.

Nicely done man.
Great review and excellent plants bud!! Extremely well done! Repping