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Apr 25, 2016
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Just got the 2020 m does any one else use this device


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Salutations Towlie,

Maybe you'd want to ask this guy on YT:

iSpire Wand: dynavap induction heater? umm.. fuck yeah! (2021-May-23)

Not to mention such IH driver comes with assorted "all-glass" accessories, though its Dry Herb "Banger Cup" ain't really operating in convective mode i believe...


« Our Bangers are made from Borosilicate Glass and use inner cups (not to scale) made from the same material that has ferrous metal encased in between two sealed walls of Borosilicate completely sealed away from the dabbing environment and creating absolutely clean and sealed Borosilicate Glass Banger cups. This one of its kind Banger Cups combination is designed to specially heat by induction created by the wand, completely different but more heat efficient and easy to clean than a torch heated banger. » (Sourcemore, Hong Kong)
ISpire "The Wand" INDUCTION device (2021-Apr-20)

One obvious beneficial feature of DV's VC being it's relative sturdiness in portable situations, while that's still energy-hungry compared to the 100 Joules/puff energy budget i've attributed to my customized VG pipe based on convection. IMO it should most likely translate into some fair improvement(s) to bring those 2 products together, their 3-D layouts appear to be compatible nonetheless...

Good day, have fun!! :peace:
Hi again Towlie,

It's always a pleasure when tips prove useful or just appreciated, and in all fairness i feel my statement on sturdiness was incomplete!!


Actually the most exceptional "niche" feature in DynaVap's VapCap obviously resides in its unique ability to accommodate multiple energy sources, more specifically in this case either a butane torch or an IH Driver as demonstrated by DiY prototypes, now even commercially-available products.

Which reminds me of yet another aspect evoked by these DynaVap-based scenarios, though only DV VC owners can confirm with 1st-person experience what's an intuitive interpretation: quite likely a fire throttle as from my old Vector KGM Vollt butane lighter would FAIL at powering the VapCap, or in the long run even stop working permanently because of damage from operator-abuse (since DynaVap's torch mode apparently results in an energy budget 4 ~ 5 times more powerful than mine). Consequently the good news here is that an ISpire IH-Driver was shown to properly energize the DynaVap VapCap on YT and hence compared to my Bi-Energy convective concept it must output energy of proportionally-augmented strength while for me just a mere 100 Joules per puff will do... The question today ain't about having sufficient punch anymore, assuming this unit survives experimentation with alternate susceptors (+ some flux-concentrating materials, potentially); as far as i'm concerned the next step question resides in future convective heat converters, they simply need to fit ISpire's own genuine Dry Herb "Banger Cup" layout with convective/radiative/conductive vector ratios remixed.


As far as susceptor mass matches their original design i figure experimention should prove no more no less detrimental to electronics (of unknown nature so far), e.g. if that cup's metal cylinder (sealed inside an air-tight borosilicate wrap) measures "X" grams on the weight scale then just don't exceed "X" grams of susceptor metal and stick to their prefered 3-D shape exactly. Personally i think there's a paradox trying to get both the purist's 100 % glass path merged with portable features as those of DynaVap's delivery tool which in comparison appears practically indestructible, though at the cost of keeping metal contact-surfaces around that path. After all, without it there can be no electromagnetically-induced (wireless) heating.


I'm afraid the challenge of convective energy conversion for healthwise vaporism in this nearly undisputed Bi-Energy perspective essentially opposes glass and metal in quite some peculiar way. Going purist necessarily translates into at least 1 heat-dispersion delay in conductive mode, which "Banger Cups" are likely to cause though glasss can pass radiative heat (at the speed of light), intuitively announcing potential access to "Pulse Heating" as a bonus... Evidently no DynaVap handle ever risks to get shattered because of accidental falls but such sturdiness implies the owner must tolerate metal contact-surfaces around his lungs path. At some point absolute-style purist design criterias lead to an impass and that's how ISpire prioritized a 100 % sealed borosilicate option, at the cost of imposing the choice of radiative/conductive modes over convection.

It turns out in Pulse Heating it's convection plus a bit of radiative and perhaps even conductive pre-heating that shall work best IMO, that means more remains to come. So it's not final, more like a begining - pay special attention to eventual IH-driven glassware updates!

In conclusion i'd want to see a convection-based Dry Herb "Banger Cup", of equivalent susceptor mass i presume, maybe less ideally. By the way, reduced metal weight must be expected to also correspond to a reduction of bowl capacity, mine provides about 5~6 tokes using ~125 mg of shredded dry flowers (very dry actually, as moisture seriously defeats/impacts Pulse Heating it seems). Anyway if my evaluation of 100 Joules/inhalation is ever met then it should necessarily improve battery autonomy...

Future will tell, meanwhile lets try to never under-estimate the uniqueness of Bi-Energy support! :wiz:

Good day, have fun!! :peace:
I have an Utillian 720 and a Boundless Tera. Despite hearing great things about the Dynavap I always looked passed them. I tried my friends 20 M last night.. a great piece of kit. With torch, awesome. With induction plate and water piece, brilliant.
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Well, it may prove being some difficult task to share different perspectives relying only on words and pictures, especially when fresh-new hands-on experience awaits - while it seems i can't even begin to re-read myself, although there's basically no unsourmountable problem-solving involved. But the incommunicability does feel taxing once in a while.

Nonetheless this is your treat moments guys, so i'd suggest the reader wants to learn more from sharing 1st-hand experience, starting with paraphernalia porn...

Here's mine, plus a bit of "fantasy" (...):

Please consider telling us about yours too! Simply start having a couple photo sessions, to fuel the inspiration, in hope it helps develop further dialog in accordance with the expected topic as announced above!


Good day, have fun!! :peace:
Well glad you guys are enjoying your vap I've misplaced mine in the house gonna hunt for it today wish me luck
I had to do it. They are just too good. Got myself a M 2020 Dynavap
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You think I should be worried about the man scrolling through threads looking for identifying pics and info?

I'd be the definition of a waste of resources. I don't sell, I don't grow much. 1 plant at the moment. I'm not sure they'd spend much time on me.