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Oct 14, 2017
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G'day ! I am new to growing, I am about 35 days into my first grow. I have 3 Girl Scout Cookies in a 1m2 Tent. They are under a 300w Viparspectra LED, a 450w Miezhi LED and a 130w CFL. They are going really well. I have just started 3 Mephisto beans in Jiffy Pellets, 1 Sour Crinkle, 1 Blue Toof and an Auto Cush. The idea is to have a 'perpetual grow' so I can provide myself with meds for chronic pain and PTSD. Hope to pick up some tips on growing Autos.
Hello and welcome @SuperfastP to AFN. There is lots of information here and lots of us are very willing to help you along your way. Stop
over in the Live Stoner Chat thread it's a continuing thread where we all hang out and can also ask questions for help.
Cheers mate, I will do that ! I am very new to growing, so I am sure I will have a fair few questions. I like the idea of Autos, they suit my needs perfectly, I can't wait for 4 months - impatience has always been my downfall
hi and welcome :pass:small cupboard grower,plant and harvest a plant every 21/28 messing with timers and such.
good luck n keep er lit.
:welcome: Welcome to the best canna site this side of the universe! Happy growing:vibe:
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome I will start a Grow Journal, I can't wait for all your help to get my girls all the way to fat buds from magic beans !!
Here is a pic of my 3 Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Autos I am currently growing, [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] is about 5 weeks old [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] is 7 days older [HASHTAG]#3[/HASHTAG] is 10 days older than that. As I have said, I am a complete grow virgin, I am pretty stoked to have got the girls this far. I wanted a few different strains, so I trawled the 'net and found the Mephisto Genetics website, which I absolutely loved (its not like most of the other sites, its fun and pretty quirky) their strains really got my attention, tons of frosty buds that fly to the finish line ! I have some of their beans popping and I cannot wait to get them going. Thanks again for the warm welcome !
G'day mate,

good to have another OZ chum on board. Tell your mates to join us too. We need more Aussies. Journals are a great idea so we can share the grow with you and help along the way. Thanks for taking the time to say hello.

And well done to the Welcome team for being "on the ball as always", you guys rock !