Help Me Convert My Closet !!


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Jun 24, 2017
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Hello everyone. I'm currently growing in the corner of a fairly large closet. I'm planning to convert the whole closet into a grow op after I chop down my two plants (MikroMachine)

I was planning on cutting a hole into the ceiling to exhaust the hot air. I was going to do this with a Hole Saw/Mandrel Drill. I was wondering if the cracks in my closet doors (they're the 4 section folding doors) would be enough for passive air intake ? Also, how could I use a Carbon Filter to keep the closet/room odor free. If I used the carbon filter for the exhaust wouldn't my closet still smell and only the exhausted air wouldn't ?

Thank you! Any advice is welcome and much appreciated .

( in depth specs and pictures to come )
its will still smell a bit when moving your plants ect feeding ect but if your door is shut you shouldnt smell it a good filter is a must for me anyway
Take note that if you are trying to be as stealth as possible, you want to find a different method of exhaust if you live in an area that gets snow in winter, you don't want your house being the only one with no snow on the roof, that's a dead giveaway. Make sure to get the proper sized fan and filter for your closet, and you won't need to worry about smell.