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Mar 13, 2017
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I am trying to figure out how to use the calculator for nutes. I've never used bottled nutes before so definitely on a learning curve in general.

I have will have 4 plants total in my tent. I plan on using 1pot autopots and buying 2 pots to start along with the res that comes with the kit. Then I'll be another identical 2 pot kit with an additional res later.

So I'm basically trying to figure out how to use the calculator for 2 autoflowering plants on one res.

The res size is obviously the size of the autopot res that comes with the 1pot kit.

The calculator has something called Batches Per Week. What is this for? And how do I know how many I will have?

Number of flower rooms in my case must be 1 so thats simple enough.

And how many weeks of veg and flower should I specify for autos? 4 and 5?

And I already have jugs of Micro, Grow, VeloKelp and Magnifical. What will I need at a minimum on top of this? Just Bloom? I assume Astroflower and Natures Candy are add ons that I don't have to use right? I'm on a bit of a budget and don't want to spend a bunch on nutes right now. I would like to do the right thing and get at least the required nutes for a good grow, but can hold off on squeezing out the n'th degree for now.

Suggestion to remo: have a glossary of terms for the calculator so its easy for newbies to use it.

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I'm using these the 1st time myself I use a 47 ltr res with 3 autopots for the 1st 3 weeks I just made up enough to last what I thought would last a week so if your on week 2 add your litre amount to the calculator and make it to that strength if it goes threw it fast and your still on that week just stay at same strength and so on after week 5 mine were drinking my res twice a week so if so I make 2 lots ..also I'm at week 8 now on Tue so I will make 47 thr s worth for that week I hope it helps I'm typing this on my phone stoned .also @MedGrower in ones of his threads does a cut down feed squedule that may help you pal and check mine out if you fancy it
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@St. Tom

Ya that is hard for me to follow! I'm still drowsy from the edibable i had last night for sleeping so its partly on me! I'll read it a few times more and also check out @MedGrower posts on it. Thanks for chiming in. Preciate it.
Hello @lunarman I am sorry I haven't noticed this thread earlier.

I've been using Remo Nutrients in my DWC grows and I am loving it. Ofcourse with hydro, it is best not to have a regular feeding schedule but to adjust it as you go. This being said I documented the feed schedule I had for the auto ultimate I grew earlier. Link here:

And direct picture:

The amount of plants sharing the same reservoir doesn't make a difference on how much nutrients per litre you have to give. You just need to provide more solution overall. I bet you would do fine with just Micro, Grow, Bloom, MagNifiCal and VeloKelp. I've liked Nature's Candy a lot though. If you won't be using AstroFlower or Nature's Candy in your grow, it would be good for you to raise the amount of your base nutrients accordingly.

In hydroponics I don't think there is any solid feed schedule you can or should follow. Only feed schedule I follow is what the EC meter tells me any given time, honestly. Around after 4th week the plant is usually mature enough to make an impact to the reservoir and I simply check if the EC has fallen, risen or stayed at the same. If it falls, I increase the nutrients for the next top up or reservoir change. If it raises up I add plain water to the reservoir and adjust the future feeds keeping that in mind. I hope this helps bro :toke:
Also I should share with you the results that I took from measuring how much each product will raise the EC value of the solution once added. I did this with plain water with EC of 0.11 (I have deducted the starting EC from the values below). Please note that these should be considered as inaccurate readings and taken as general guidelines on making estimates of nutrient strength. Measuring was done with Martini EC60 with measuring uncertainty of +/- 2%

EC raising factor per nutrient in one litre of solution per millilitre (1ml/1L)
MICRO: 0.19
GROW: 0.25
BLOOM: 0.25
VeloKelp: 0.07
MagNifiCal: 0.18
AstroFlower: 0.20
Nature's Candy: 0.08
@MedGrower Invaluable information! Thank you. And good growing karma back to you!
I told you he was the man he's a great guy @MedGrower this will save me a few quid next time also medgrower can you check my grow see if you can give me any tips
@MedGrower Invaluable information! Thank you. And good growing karma back to you!

I told you he was the man he's a great guy @MedGrower this will save me a few quid next time also medgrower can you check my grow see if you can give me any tips

Thanks guys I am flattered. You are so nice it is great to help out where I can. Hey @St. Tom I make sure I check your grow tomorrow or so when I can give it some time.

All the best!

I'm about to start using the Remo nutes. Using 100% coco in autopots with airdomes.

I need to prime the coco. I already soaked it using my tap water which is 140 ppm medium hard water and ph'd to 6.0.

Someone suggested that I want to start out the seedlings on 350 ppm and ramp up from there. I'm assuming that means measure runoff from the coco should be in the 350 ppm ballpark. And I'll be starting out hand watering at first, not on the res.

Should I just use your week 1 with velokelp ml per liter and dial it in so that the runoff is around 350 ppm?
Yeah I am not sure how it would be best to do with coco but keeping that in mind, 350 ppm sounds quite high to me for starting anything on. I'd go with more like 250 ppm max. I think @blue might be able to advice you on all things coco? I remember that pretty doll does coco really well. :biggrin: