Mephisto Genetics Illuminato bluetoof close to harvest

Feb 16, 2021
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Just wanted to post this bluetoof, sprouted from a 4 year old seed, or so. This one was the last seed I had of it. They were previously given to me from a friend. Previously I've done 3 other bluetoofs, they all stayed short and compact, this one went much taller at 30inches, the others never got taller than about 16 inches, had to bend her down a bit. She is very stout and the buds seem pretty dense. I'm not sure the exact day shes on, but shes very close to done, according to the loupe. Just interesting to see a different pheno pop up. She smells pretty close to the same as the other bluetoofs, however her hairs are a lot longer and fatter. I sure wish I would have topped her. Grown in living soil concentrate, only adding bushdoctor calmag. Under HLG 300L Rspec, ph'd tap water at 6.5. 7gallon fiber pot with 5gallons soil. This is my third round of autos, so I'm still very new. Thanks for looking.
20210810_082109.jpg20210813_201418.jpg20210813_210437.jpg20210712_104624.jpgthe last thumbnail is the bluetoof I grew in the last cycle.
two weeks atleast, I don't see a single amber trich. Don't cut to early she's just warming up for ya before she bulks. keep her super healthy like you been doing and she will put out good for ya.