Jota Mayuscula Purple Auto in Coco


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Jan 16, 2015
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I was rummaging through my meager seed collection and found these rapper seeds I got free from one of Ali-bongos Dank Holiday Weekends back in 2015. Here is a little info from seed vendor:

"Delicious Seeds and Rapper Jotamayuscula have joined in the project 5.0, to delight us with a great theme and exquisite variety called Jotamayuscula Purple Auto. This marijuana plant, born of the marriage between genetic Purple selected and Rudelaris, a compact strain at the end of flowering becomes purple. In just over two months from germination, Jotamayuscula Purple Auto gives us flowersflavor of ripe grapes and berries, and a scent reminiscent of black licorice.
Outdoors, we recommend growing in pots of 20 liters so it can show its full potential, if cultivate in the soil the plant can grow to 120cm and produce up to 150 grams of dried buds of the highest quality."

Apparently, this Mayuscula chap is a Spanish rapper. I looked it up on utube and decided pretty quickly it wasn't my cup of tea. Judge for yourselfs!

Anywho, all 4 girls have germinated after a 24 hour soak and 36 hours in a Tupperware dish. In fact, I'm afraid they grew a little too fast as tails were a couple inches long. They were planted in cups yesterday and all 4 girls were placed in my converted grow shower this afternoon, as they had already stretched to the top of the cup. I will back fill tomorrow and get some pics
It's so cool to be starting a grow this time of year! I usually only start seedlings indoors to later be moved outdoors, but since I managed to keep my converted grow shower under 90 degrees Fahrenheit this summer I can now grow year around. :cool1:

Anywho, today is officially Day 1 and 3 of the 4 girls are on the leggy side. I only fill my solo cups half full and upon transplanting the sprouts, I keep them in darkness covered with plastic until they reach the top of the cup. However, 3 of the girls really took off! See for yourselves!

Sorry, can't get pics to load and clicked post by mistake.
Ok folks lets try this again!



It would appear I planted 2 sprouts in 1 cup! See below

I had a couple more seeds I germinated from my last grow that I thought I planted in another cup, but apparently not! :shrug:

Anywho, I'll tag a few friends @sanguine @hairyman @912GreenSkell @Ash-a-Ton
Hope she purples up for ya bud! Im subbed
Thanks for subbin @sanguine. :pighug:
Hopefully, I can free up some space as these Purple Mazars sure are taking there time.

Sorry these pics are 13 days old and they just started clouding up a few days ago. I'll post some current pics when lights are on. :peace:
Btw, if you noticed in the back right of the pic above is an unknown freebie from RCMC that was planted the same time as the others. It didn't grow very tall, but it sure made a fat cola!