Leaf curling and sagging/ new grower


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Aug 30, 2017
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Hey all,
This is my first grow. Right now I have a two week old dwarf low flyer autofem, two more two day old seedlings and two white widows that have not broken soil yet. So my concern is with the two week old plant. I made the mistake of using miraclegrow soil with 6 month feed and on top of that I became over zealous and used a 3-1-2 miraclegrow nutrient as well as a light dose of AN bud candy. I have the plant a solid soaking until there was plenty of run off. Simply put, I messed up quite a few things without realizing till after the fact. I noticed that one of my fan leaves are curling up and one is sagging...overall the plant looks really healthy but with as much as I messed up, I really need opinions in pin pointing the issue.
More background I'm in a 4x4x6.5ft tent with a 300w mars led and an unbranded 1000w led both running at 24" above the plant. Quick research makes me think too much light/too close. So I went ahead and cut the 1000w light and raised the 300w to 30in.
Temps have been 78-80 degrees and 50% humidity. Does anyone have any advice to my complete noob mistakes?? Anything is appreciated!


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Now I'm new and I could be wrong but ive read that miracle grow is not good for growing canna. Something they add makes it grow big but bud is small or something they add can harm the plants. But curling is a sign of ether over watering or root rot. If they start changing color the it may be Nutrient burn. But I'm still new myself just throwing in what I've seen and read
hey buddy welcome to afn. leaf margin curl up means environmental factors. humidity, airflow (usually a fan thats too close) or the lights being too close. plants are also pretty temperamental at this stage so it could just be that shes still finding her footing. when they curl down it is usually over watering but shes fine and healthy man. check your fan distance and make sure its blowing over her, not down onto her. maybe put the light up an inch or 2 if your worried. your lookin sweet though man. shes in no danger
: )
oh and also mate id go check what the actual wattage of those lights are. mines are advertised as 600w but only actually pull 270w. im sure your mars 300 is about 140w and wouldnt be surprised if your 1000w is actually about the same. my mate just bought one and it turned out to be 140w. really not sure how the companies get away with it but for some reason they do.