memphisto strain question

yes in a tent. so whats a good one to thru in there besides the 24k
or lets put it this way. itll be in a,5x5 gorilla tent. 900 watt timber vero cobs. what would be 3 good strains?
Grape walker kush looks to have potential to be a fucking beast , and she is sooo frosty as well.
Timber lights, so you're in US then?

How about some UK goodness in the form of Livers, Stilton, NCH etc? Spread the love across the pond.
If I were going to start a run right now in a 5x5 id prolly run 1 man bear pig, 1 grape walker kush and 1 creme bubbly. Or 5 smaller plants like 2 sour crinkle, 2 blue toof and a gold glue.
I wouldn't run Ripley and avt at the same time as I think avt is already half Ripley. If im going for different strains I dont want them crossed with the same strains.