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Jan 15, 2017
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I am starting a new grow with some mephisto beans and some cobs. I had to abandon my last grow due to a house sale and all sorts of people coming into the house. So now trying again!

Incidentally whilst looking for a new place to live I saw 2 pads on rightmove that had photos with grow tents clearly visible! One was 100% not a canvas wardrobe as it was at the back of the lounge! Haha some people really don't give a shit! :muahaha:

I am absolutely, stunningly skint at the moment to the point where I ain't gonna be smokin any more weed until one of these finishes. This also means I can't buy ANYTHING for this grow as I am literally penniless. So the cob frame is made from off-cuts, held together with cable ties in one place as the drill bit broke and I can't afford another! LOL. No temps or humidity will be taken as my whatsit broke and again no ££ for a new one. No PH or PPM etc for similar reasons. Hence the ignorance is bliss headline :jointman:

I have a few different beans started / germinating now, 5 in total.

I definitely have: Grape Crinkle @ day 2, and Sour Livers and MBAP germinating now, going into soil tomorrow. (I also have a DP auto Orange Bud tester in the tent).

I also have something at about day 14, but not sure what it is as I soaked a few together without labeling as a surprise. It could be: Grape Crinkle, NCH, Stilton Special or Sour Livers. Any guesses from the photos below appreciated! It and the other couple I started were a bit freaky as they were outside for 10 days or so. The one at 14 days was the least weird and so lived to tell the story.

Lights: DIY Citizen COBS 1212 Gen 6 3500k x 4 @ 50w each. 200w total. Currently running at about 120w for veg. 20/4 at the moment but probably gonna switch to 24/0 to try and reduce the grow time! Got no weeeeeeeeed!

Soil / Pots: Biobizz Lightmix. Airpots: 15 litre, 10 litre, and a 15 litre with a 10 litre base lol. And a small normal plastic pot that's probably about 3 litres maybe. Lots of perlite in some of the pots as I am massively skint and ran out of lightmix.

Nutes: I was going to use Biotabs again as I was very happy with the quality of the last 3 plants I grew with them. Unfortunately the freebies that our wonderful friend @Biotabs F69 sent me were intercepted / stolen before they got to me.

So I will be using some AN nutes that I have left over from first/second grows: Micro, Grow, Bloom, B52, Voodoo, Big Bud and Overdrive. It hurts me to use non-organic nutes again but the postage gods were against me and I cant afford to buy any Biotabs for a while.

Tent: 3 foot x 3 foot (90cm x 90cm) DS90. I have a 120x90 but for this grow the smaller one will do the job nicely.

Extraction: Passive only, with open vents and part open door. Works well in the small tent, not quite so well in bigger tent due to door design. 9 inch floor fan and 6 inch clip on fans for circulation around and out of the tent.

Philosophy: Minimum damage to the environment so minimum water use and electricity use as I'm a right old hippy. Play the girls old school chilled out reggae as much as possible. Good vibes. Love and Peace. Possibly some minor LST but probably no topping this time as that COULD add time to the grow. Need to get something in the jars again.

Photos will be up very soon and anyone who can be arsed to try and ID the unknown baby please let me know :thumbsup:

Please feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong/give me advice/follow along if ya fancy it. Also please WISH ME LUCK as any success with this grow will be 90% down to the Canna Gods as I have absolutely no way to monitor any environmental conditions at all other than with my own senses! :tang:

May the force be strong with these babies, and I'm hoping with all my heart that mother nature will smile down on us for the next 8-10 weeks.

Hippy :jointman: :kitty: :toke: :coffee:
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EcoCob HippySun4200 special. Terrible quality control! ;)




The tent.



Unknown Mephisto strain at day 14 or so. First leaves were freaky but looks spot on since second or third leaves. Can I see some Crinkle in those leaves? White marks are just chalky water residue after misting. Won't be needing much CalMag then haha.



Grape Crinkle day 2. Looks good so far.


DP AOB day 2. Funny cot.... cotedo..... first leaves :)


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Good luck with the grow man,I'll sub up if that's ok?
I managed to mix a cpl of my plants up.forgot to label them,now I can't remember which plant is sour stomper and Creme bubbly :toke: