Seed Bank Multiverse Beans

May 28, 2021
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I am still fairly new at this, but I am building up my own personal seed bank so I can experiment with my grows. So far I have bought seeds from ILGM and NASC and both have been great at sending my beans pretty promptly and fairly easy.
i have been reading all the great reviews on Mephisto seeds, but it seems they can be pretty hard to get sometimes. Well, I saw that Multiverse had some so last Thursday I ordered a 3 pack of Double Grape. Amazingly today on Monday they were in my mailbox, along with a freebie. I don’t even get my Amazon deliveries that fast half the time.
I will definitely use them again and Paul was great to work with.
Nice - Thanks for sharing the review. Do you mind if I ask what freebie you got?
I’ll second the positive review on Paul and MultiVerseBeans. I believe that he is newer to the seed bank world, and he works his ass off.

He actively solicits customers for suggestions. He asked on his subreddit for breeder suggestions to add to the site. I happened to mention Tastebudz out of the UK, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t contact them and start carrying them.

Ordered some Mephisto from him a couple months ago, and just grabbed some Night Owl this past weekend. I’ve mentioned to him that he might want to join the site.
Thank you so much for your review man. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day and letting others know your experience with us. It means a lot to me.