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Sep 4, 2017
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All right all! Ive introduced myself and have finally made my way into a grow journal! So lets recap, my name is Free Flow, I grow dwc with flora trio from GH, with floranectar, Floralicious,liquid koolbloom and cal mag. I have been doing this for some time now and have gone through most of the ups and downs of growing. Lets get into it by explaining the set up.

5.5' x 3'
2 - Mars Hydro 600w gen1 lights. 18/6 schedule.
4" inline fan/filter combo
4" inlet booster fan
Oscilating fan
794gph commercial air pump

Thats what ive got, not all of it is set up yet but lets be real none of us have any spare time lol. I'm slowly putting my grow room together. Anyways... Here are some,pictures of what I currently have in my room! We can watch it transform and produce together.

1- The girls together under both lights
2- Royal queen seeds Northern Lights Auto - day 1 was July 1st. Its taking her forever
3- World of seeds Afgan Kush x Black Domina (photo) and 2 kalishnikov seeds Purple Mazar Auto beans waiting to come to life!
4- Exotic seeds Mango Cream Auto - day 1 was . shes growing a bit funny, she literally grew 2 nodes and topped herself. Like she mainlining from birth lol

Ill add more as the room and the grow take shape. Thanks all who stopped by and those that decide to stick around :yay::thanks::bighug:
Finally managed to do some work to my ladies! I lollipopped and cut a lot of what would be larf off my NL. She is getting a shit ton of light now. Still slow to flower but she is flowering none the less! Here's a few pics I took tonight.
1-2 - pre flowers on my NL, veg started on July 1st, she's going to be the longest auto ive ever grown.
3- showing how wide she is.
4- an upskirt shot ;) showing how much I cleaned out. She was super thick!
Whats up guys, have a little update! Finished up getting my room in order for now, put up my mylar, got my lights in place and set up my fan/filter.

Northern lights is still kicking ass, she's drinking a gallon a day, as soon as I change her res it seems like its empty the next day.
My afghan kush x black domina is just chugging along, waiting for her to get big enough to start cloning.
Mango cream auto is growing weird, shes short stubby with only 4 branches total. I havent done anything to her. I did bend her main stem after I took pics to try to get some more light to the branches in hopes of mainlining but I have no real high hopes for it.
And I had a kalishnikov purple mazar auto bean pop but when the sprout came up,it was all deformed. Thats the 2nd kalishnikov seed that has been bunk for me. I'm going to germ 2 pyramid seeds auto purple in its place

1 my grow room after my hard work lol
2 family portrait with the lights off
3 royal queen Northern Lights about 3 weeks in flower day 79 from pop.
4 mango cream in front, afghan in the back right and purple mazar auto in the middle
5 close up,of purple mazar sprout,
6 shot of the room with the fan

Drop those comments fam!!!
Rooms looking sweet man.
Badges are just a bit of fun really- you get breeders ones for completeing a journal with mephisto/ dutch passion or other afn vendors.
Theres a thread somewhere with a badge index let me find it
Nice grow @Free Flow I'll be stickin' around for sure. Now this is just an idea I had based on something @912GreenSkell told me about autoflowers and about what I saw with my own Auto Jedi Kush seedling; the taproot seems to grow at a shallow angle and flowering seems (theory) to have to do with how much space that taproot has to grow out. In your case in DWC the taproot can grow and grow and grow without restrictions. I'm wondering if that might have something to do with how long it took to preflower.

@912GreenSkell got an opinion on that?