Next Phase of HID; Ceramic Metal Halide


Feb 25, 2016
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If my research serves me well, I am going to cut my power bill by 70% and never worry about heat again. All this with significantly improved color spectrum for HID.

I just purchased two of the following for my 8x4. I will keep you folks posted. Probably do a grow report with the new hardware.,
Mine arrive today. I cannot tell you how excited I am not to have to battle heat EVERYDAY. Speaking of heat, do you have any with your CMH?
Some but it's WELL controllable dude.......I changed from led so I sort of went up in heat terms, but it's less than HID dude:pass:(I hope now I said that lol!!!!):biggrin:
I wound up buying three of these units for my 8x4. They arrived yesterday I HAVE ZERO HEAT ISSUES. Will take to product review from here..................
I use a retro fit 860w CMH with an air cooled reflector in a 1x1m tent a do have some heat issues :(

The native CMH are more efficient tho, will move to them soon

Good luck with your new toys

I officially wound up with three for my 4x8. It canopies nicely with three. My current round of gals saw my 1000w HID to early flower. We will see where the CMH takes us from here. I will upload a photo when I start product review.

I researched the retro-fit but was also sold on the housing design of the Nanolux. Plus I would be too tempted to land right were I was at 2 x2000 or more with retro......ahh the lure.....

btw; running all three with two tower fans....80 degrees across the board.