Northern Lights Problem?


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Sep 8, 2017
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Hi all,

This is my second grow and this one has been challenging. We've had pH issues, humidity issues and temp issues. While all are sorted now, I'm wondering if one of my NLs could be in trouble or if it's simply a different pheno. I'll put detailed info at the bottom.

The NL in question has always been a little taller than her sister, but not by much. When they went into flower, NL1(the troubled one) stretched fast, she currently ~8in taller than NL2. Now, NL1 is very skinny and frail looking, especially so compared to the other NL and both AK-48s. See attached images. The full, denser one is NL2 for comparison(IMG_20170908_133143.jpg) the other 2 images are NL1. Any advice, suggestions, or diagnosis help welcome. Need more info? Just ask.

Seeds from Nirvana
Climate control: arduino controlling temp & humidity
Temp: 76-80F
Humidity: 55-65
Soil: FF ocean forest in 5gal cloth pots
Nutes: (all FF) big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, kelp me kelp you, beasty blooms. Followed recommended feeding schedule.
Day 14 flowering,
End of week 6 from seed germ
4x4 grow tent unvented
2 "600" watt LEDs
DIY CO2 added. (1 gal Yeast, sugar, water mix with bubble counter)

Thanks a bunch!


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As far as I can see they all look pretty good.Sometimes you can grow the same strain with everything the same as far as nutes,lighting etc and yet some will not grow the same.I have been growing for years and this also happens to my plants and this is some what normal with autos and each plant might show more characteristics from one or more different strains that was used for breeding.

Thanks for the info and the reply!

We had 2 different phenos of the blueberry and bubblicious (2 each, 4 plants total), but I had no idea they could be so completely different like this grow is turning out to be.

I'll keep an eye on it, I was kinda afraid with all the stress this grow has been on the plants. She may turn out whispy, but we'll see. I found trichomes (with a magnifying glass) on all but one plant just after posting here, now they're all looking a little frosty to the naked eye. These should be a hoot.

Thanks again.