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May 31, 2017
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Thanks to everyone for helping make my first Grow a success. I am back again to start my second tent grow this time using two (2) Green Crack Auto Beans I acquired. These are Fast Buds genetics, a fast growing Sativa/Indica hybrid (56 days from germination to maturity per breeders documentation) with a high (20%) THC low CBD (.7%) rating. Generally, the goal is to grow the sativa dominate phenotype which results in a very energetic high reportedly good for daytime use.

It will not be hard to notice I am using the @Hansbricks method for growing auto's in AP's.

My Set up and Details:

Grow Area
39"x39"x60" No name grow tent
6" Inline Fan (440cfm) and 6" Carbon Filter vented out basement window.

4 x 300w Hydro Galaxy 9 Band LED = 540 true watts
2 x 125w CFL (one 2700 one 6700?) - 250 true watts

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow/Bloom A&B
Technaflora Magical (Cal/Mag)
Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive
Drip Clean

Coco Coir (Botanicare) 5kg brick
Large Chunk Perlite
70/30 mix
1" Hydroton in bottom of pots

2 x 1Pot Autopot system with air domes

Dropped two Green Crack Auto’s 10/3 .
I labeled them GCA which was a tiny itty bitty seed and GCB, a plump full sized looking bean.
Beans soaked for a total of 12 hours beginning 10/3.
Early morning 10/4 the beans had sunk and GCB had an obvious split so into paper towels they went and placed on furnace for warmth.
By 11:00am on 10/5
GCA was laying in the towel completely free from the seed casing with 1/2" tap root.
GCB was showing 1/2" tail so both went into their final 4 gallon autopots (AP’s).

The AP’s were “pre-charged” with 1.5 qts of water with 7.6ml/g voodoo juice, 3.8ml/g Magical with a pH 5.8 on 10/4.
GCB poked out of the pot on 10/6 and GCA on 10/7.

Both Girls will get their first feeding on Day 5 which will be approximately 1.5 pints (750ml) of Sensi Grow A&B 2ml/g, voodoo juice 7.6ml/g and Magical 3.8ml/g.

Green Crack A (GCA) Day 2:



Green Crack B (GCB) Day 3:




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15L pots?

Indeed they are, yes.

I'm in and can't wait to see how an auto version grows. Not that I know how the photo ver. grows yet but I'm figurin' it out :mrgreen: !


FastBuds Mega-Grow>>>>Green Crack | The AutoFlower Network - AFN

Thanks Folks, good to have you along. I am very open to constructive criticism or input of any kind. I have never grown an auto before and it was tough choosing as I have four strains Dark Devils, Crystal Meth, Green Crack or Blue Berry. I need some good daytime meds as I am chronic on intake and need to remain productive as best I can. This strain has a good track record and the above grow was quite a success.
@Screwauger im pumped to be watching!

Ive grown some HSO green crack which was a photoperiod and i definitely enjoyed it. I ran 1 plant under a 600w and got 12 zips from the training(besides small defoliation). I was a noob back then...even had full root rott in the rockwool when it was all said and done. The leaves started yellowing 3-4 weeks from flower. My recirculaing pump wasnt working and i didnt worry about it but the heat got the rockwool cube:(

Sorry i was mumbling there for a while..just got done smoking some fruity pebbles out of a vape!

Good luck with your grow. Ill be here!


Im also pumped to see your nutrient lineup as i have used those same nutrients im n the past with great success. Always 1/4=>1/3 or 1/2 strength though. Im also impressed with your log so far. Lets keep this going good! Im already ready for your harvest hahahaha
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Good luck with your grow. Ill be here!

Thanks very much and I am excited for growing this strain.

pumped to see your nutrient lineup as i have used those same nutrients im n the past with great success.

It will be my first auto and I am following to the point of copying Hansbricks method and nutrient lineup for auto in coco with autopots.

I have read several journals re this Fastbuds strain, if I get lucky should be just supreme overall grow and smoke. I am hopeful anyways!!
Day 12

Been a change in the line up. Green Crack Auto 1 (formerly GCA) did not look good from the start. She had brown leaf tips, was tiny and not thriving. I yanked it and dropped a Blue Berry Auto (ILGM/Robert Bergman Genetics). She soaked for half a day, went into the paper towel and showed a 1/2 inch tail this morning. Into the AP.

GCA 2 (Formerly GCB) is doing great. She got her first feeding on Day 5 at 1.9ml/gal Sensi Grow, 3.8ml/gal Magi Cal and 7.6ml/gal voodoo juice. Her second feeding was on Day 11 and the Sensi Grow was bumped up to 3.8ml/gal.

Blue Berry Auto 1 (BBA 1) is awaiting sprouting.





GCA 1 (Now Deceased)